Go Ahead and Run v.0.6

Putty 157

Have been toying with this deck for the better part of a year and finally got the bug to update it with the latest cycle. I have stripped this thing of a whole lot of excess. Medtech is the ID here to increase the likelihood of a run whereas the lack of ICE should also make the runner get a bit sloppy.

I like "GOTCHA!" decks but this whole deck is a series of gotcha moments.

Interested in how Marcus Batty will interact with the various ICE here. Hoping to use the Dog to keep the runner's MU use lower then use Marcus Batty to have the runner run into Cortex Lock.

Overall, this deck has had a shaky performance but I feel it was not as focused. Trying to remove all non-econ cards that don't allow me to do more damage. I am a little worried that this deck won't have enough umpf to do the runner in.

1 Jul 2015 Brainteki

If you're trying for the Batty/Lock combo Lad Dog won't help you as you're looking to trash programs in order to free up MU space.

1 Jul 2015 Putty

@Brainteki it is mostly there for net ready eyes, clone chip, etc. just played first game with this iteration and won via agendas. Runner's deck was a first run though.