Whizzard does Oldschool v1.1

Hongkong Koma 259

Money and Breakers. Pure as heaven, efficient as hell. Try to get to late game fast! - v1.0: Start - v1.1: Reconfiguration after input from Sebbes and Darkpact. Made 12/22 at the Strassbourg Store Championship on 16.02.14

17 Feb 2014 PeekaySK

Out of curiosity - why Ninja when you're playing the faction that has the best solutions to Sentries? Personally, I'd either go Mimic/Sucker, or load up on Knights and use the spare influence for E3.

Also, shouldn't those Special Orders really be Hostages? You're only running 1 of Li and Flint, but 2 of all breakers (except for the Knight)

18 Feb 2014 Hongkong Koma

Special orders are for speed. I really want to have my programs early to skip to late game.

At the Strassbourg tournament, I performed well unless in two games: I one, I had all the money and no breakers, in the other I got the breakers but no money. Maybe whats missing here is more card draw.

The Magnum Opus is more of an idea to host it on djinn. But, argh no. Next try will be Vamp (using my monetary advantage), Hemorrhage, Keyhole. Maybe a second Li suits better than MOpus.

What do you think?