Whizzard does Oldschool v1.1

Hongkong Koma 259

Money and Breakers. Pure as heaven, efficient as hell. Try to get to late game fast!

13 Feb 2014 PeekaySK

Personally, I'd run 1x Mimic 1x Garrote instead of the two Ninjas. Sentries are already the most critical to break if you run a lot and they tend to be on the expensive side anyway... and paying 5 to break a Shadow is just unacceptable to me :P

18 Feb 2014 Hongkong Koma

True, but Mimic often does not the job for me when hitting sentries above 3. And money is not the problem here. But MUs, so no garrotte, though I really like it.

2 Mar 2015 photon

Found that deck as the single result after searching for similar decks like Frizzler's favorite runner, haha :)