Horizontech (5th Place, Boise Regional, 25 People)

InsanityRises 131

Publishing per request of people who were excited to see a Jinteki Biotech in the top 8. This deck went 4-1 in Swiss and 1-0 in Eliminations.

11 May 2015 bluebird503

Congrats on your placing, I didn't see any of your games but the other Portlanders were telling me you had some really quick flatlines :D.

11 May 2015 InsanityRises

The one match in eliminations was over in less than five minutes. I played two of the guys from Portland each of whom lasted about ten minutes. @bluebird503Congrats on your victory at the tournament.

11 May 2015 Saan

Yeah, I saw the very start of that game, turned my back for a couple, and when I turned back, you two were already shuffling your decks =P

11 May 2015 Dydra

Ronin or 2 would be great I think :)

11 May 2015 InsanityRises

I tried Ronin in this deck initially and found it's much better to bluff a Junebug or a Cerebral Overwriter as a Ronin as people will run them nearly every time for fear that it is a Ronin.

11 May 2015 Lttlefoot

Which face of the ID do you use in this deck?

11 May 2015 InsanityRises

I used both the Brewery and The Greenhouse to great effect in this deck. I've yet to play a Noise deck with it or a deck I am suspecting Keyhole from to run the Tank. With the Brewery, if they hit a psychic field on click three and lose the psi game they typically can't draw up to avoid the flatline from the ability. With the greenhouse you can play never advance and score out the first medical breakthrough then the others become easier to score playing never advance.