Stop ! In the name of love ?

Syntax 274

NEH / Grail, explanations are not really needed. Pretty straigtforward.

Replace 1 or 2 will-o by Interns if you want. Other than that, trash, trash, trash all you want.

19 Mar 2015 unitled

This looks pretty interesting, especially like the nice splash of Inazuma to make facechecking even more deadly! Inazuma into Markus is way better than into an Eli. I've been messing round with Grail in NBN myself, though I'm using Turtlebacks for some econ (decklist here:

How are you finding this? I reckon I'd like to swap a Rototurret or Markus (or one of each) for a Corporate Troubleshooter or two to really make one of those nasty bits of ice stick...

19 Mar 2015 lolpaca

This looks nice! Agree that Corporate Troubleshooter woud be a good fit, you don't really need 3 Rototurrets. Since you don't have any tag punishment, you might get more value out of Chronos Project than Breaking News to stop them from recurring all the stuff you're trashing.

27 Mar 2015 Syntax

@unitled there's no real reason to prefer turtlebacks in this deck to pads I think. In yours, I don't really know, you have PADs + Turtle :) @lolpaca yup. I would prefer IT Departement maybe. Breaking News only serve a fast ad end of game ;)