DrunkAlex 328

For the first version of the deck look here.

The link to the previous version of the deck will better explain how the deck works in combination with Sage setup. This is about the changes and experiences. I've got quite a few octgn games under my belt and recently went to a tournament with it (2-2 old version). The deck performs admirably, but still needs work. I hope these changes will help.

First off, tempo. The deck an experienced handler to know which tempo to choose. Most games I've played with only 1 MemStrip and the two breakers. That is perfectly fine against fast decks. They often don't have many high strength ice anyway. Once the Tollbooths come popping up, you can install more MemStrips. A big pitfall is thinking you need to set everything up first and then go, don't. Spread it out. Install Sage when you can and run with it. He will grow and isn't dependent on weird janky combo's.

I've ditched Plascrete because the games I've played against weyland, I've often won by sitting back and pouncing into one big glory run on R&D. This is in order to prevent too much SEA Source opportunities. I'd rather use the deck slots for something else like Maker's Eye which also helps against other corps.

Ditched a e3 for and HQ Interface for obvious better spread in multi access.

Still in doubt whether to switch out quality time for Earthrise Hotel, but Quality Time is probably better.

Daily Casts and Data Folding provide awesome clickless econ. Most games I've had 4-5 creds coming in each turn. Perfect main econ with Opus as support.