The Space Revolution

DrunkAlex 328

By the mandate of the Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World the new government shall be seated at Gagarin Deep Space. Any form of resistance shall be struck down with impunity.

A quick draft for potential a janky Government Takeover deck. The trick is to try and rush out at least one Glenn Station with a trick of light. Once you have Glenn, you can overscore an Project Atlas and search for Government Takeover.

Now for the tricksy part. The Crisium Grid - Off the Grid combo needs a total of 3 runs in order to access the Off the Grid server. Throw down Paywall Implementation and this nets you 3 credits. For further annoyance, cover your Crisium Grid server with Searchlight and Data Raven (or Wormhole if you have another Data Raven somewhere else). This forces the runner to take a least one tag during the run. That is the moment Dedicated Response Team start loading their assault rifles. To further frustrate the runner you can rez an Excalibur on the Crisium Grid server. After which he'll finally be able to run the Off the Grid server, pay 1 and punch you in the face.

There are probably a 1000x changes that can be made to make this better, but the idea is crazy fun. ICE is a bit low, but you actually only need to ice up 2 servers, with 1 or 2 pieces on 1 remote.

Also, most of the ice looks really expensive, but don't underestimate how much cheaper space ice gets once you use those Shipments for Kaguya.

Credits go to this deck for giving me the idea.

Small edit: Could ditch Searchlight for an extra Firewall and PAD Campaign. This is highly dependant is Data Raven is taxing enough for tags. I also feel like Scorged Earth should have a place in this deck.