Titans' Tricksy Scorched Earth

DrunkAlex 328

My own version of a Titan Supermodernism deck. I just noticed that CodeMarvelous posten his own version earlier today, but screw it, here is my version. The basis of this deck was inspired by his original unsinkable deck (which was an absolute blast to play), so all the credits should go to him anyway.

The most notable difference is the Data Raven+Wormhole combo. Wormhole itself is IMO one of the greatest pieces of ice in the pack. In this case it essentially makes itself a Data Raven mk2 and makes you able to cover most your servers with tagging potential. The downside is the reduction is ToL recursion with the sacrifice of reclamation order and a Jackson. The big upside is the fact of an added win condition, which is worth it I think. This makes the deck less dependent of SEA Source (and independent from Snare!) and gives you the chance to triple Scorch (presuming you saved up the Atlas tokens).