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DrunkAlex 328

My own latest Edward Kim deck. Standard no hassle breaker suite. Added personal touch to counter Lotus Field. Save the Datasucker tokens for Yog.0. Mimic works in sync with Cuj.0. Still have to encounter a moment I'm truly short on Cuj.0 tokens. A little worried about Space Ice, but I just have to play games to see how that works out.

Use Virus Breeding Ground to keep imp going or to boost datasucker a little. Still testing out if I prefer Nerve Agent over HQ interface. Nerve Agent is easily found with Djinn, but HQ Interface is immune for virus purges.

Earthrise Hotel and Daily Casts are there to make sure you can get more out of a Day Job turn. Vigil is also a great boost. Drawing 3 cards, getting 2 DC creds and 10 DJ creds is a turn well spent.

Up till now playing Kim has been a blast. Between his ability and Imp nothing is safe. Forcing Weyland to use a Jackson to get his Scorged Earth back is pretty hilarious. Or trashing those pesky Celebrity Gifts. Kim wants to be aggressive. Try to come out swinging as fast as possible and trash all those econ operations. I tend to use Day Job mid game. This is often after a moment when you notice your deck is running out of steam.

If a few netrunner resources are to be believed, then Inject is a pretty good draw/minor econ card. I'm still on the fence about it. Probably because this deck doesn't have much program recursion. I don't this inject is suited for this deck.

Lucky Find uses the influence pretty intense, but the potential credit swing is hard to ignore. These are some alt versions of this build without Lucky Find (note, all these alt version brings the deck back to 45 cards):

1) Trade in the LF credit swing for more Click Efficiency

-3x Luck Find, -2x Vigil, +2x Desperado, +1x Dirty Laundry, +1x Earthrise

2) Trade in LF for more late game sustain

-3x LF, -2x Vigil, +2x Desperado, +2x Kati Jones

3) Make HQ or R&D acces ind├ępendant from viruses

-2x LF, -1x Nerve Agent/Medium, +2x HQ Interface/R&D Interface

There is still plenty of testing ahead, but any critique or comments are welcome!

Cheers, HipsterWeasel

10 Feb 2015 x3r0h0ur

I feel like cutting 1 DJ for 1 parasite is probably best, if nothing else, to optimize your deja vus. I could also see going to the third Vigil or ERH. Looks pretty straight forward otherwise though.

10 Feb 2015 DrunkAlex

@x3r0h0ur I think you are right. TBH I'm thinking of cutting Day Job altogether. It's just a huge tempo loss and 3x LF does a better job in keeping the econ high while keeping up tempo. Was thinking about using that for D4vid in order to counter the space ice.