Doppel Running Andy

DrunkAlex 328

Long developing deck by now. This is version 1.7. I've had pretty decent success with it, although I still have to test it in a tournament environment.

Basically this deck is pure aggression. With this deck I make a run at least once per turn. Constantly trying to probe the servers, even if I know I won't be able to break through. There is no higher strategy or combo behind this deck. At first I tried to combine it with cards that initiate runs to use doppelganger more to my advantage, but I noticed that it was more of a hassle than a bonus. At first I also had notoriety in this deck. It worked quite well actually, but had to let it go for more econ cards.

I also find it kind of a waste that I'm not using all my MU, but I'm not really sure what else to include.

9 Jan 2014 x3r0h0ur

Include snitch, its so good to get early and keeps you from losing your 1 of breakers except to aggsec. Try it out, it feels really good.

9 Jan 2014 epy0N

I would go for -3x Data Leak Reversal and +3 Datasuckers, because they work great with Doppelganger.

9 Jan 2014 Pea666

No comment other than that I've encountered this deck in real life. The amount of runs is staggering.

9 Jan 2014 McKindling

Could you explain the Data Leak Reversal? I don't have much experience with the card but it seems like Datasucker is a better substitute since it rewards running so well and forces the corp to purge, but maybe I'm missing something. I'd love to learn either way.

10 Jan 2014 db0

How do you deal with econ denial decks? I.e. what if they simply close your accounts and freelancer your resources? You don't seem to have anything to fall back to. You also look very bursty. If you lose momentum and you can't get a bank job out you'll prolly be significantly slowed down.

But honestly, your weakest point at the moment is 1xCorroder. You're one power shutdown for 2 from losing the game :-/