I Present To You! The Internet!

DrunkAlex 328

It's not easy being head of the IT department. Jen thought the Boot Camp training would get her places. A nice office, with a nice view, or at least a fancy big desk. At the interview they weren't even interested in her resume. All they asked is if she knew something about fragments and some sort of thing called ICE. It was summer! Why would they ask about ICE?! Now she is stuck in a basement with these two wierdos. Moss seemed nice enough, but hard to talk to. All he does is mumble about some project called Vitruvius and how it will revolutionise data retrieval. Roy is clearly the more social type, but he is so jaded and bitter it is almost impossible to tell when he is sarcastic and when he is not.

Efficiency is all time high and still the higher ups keep bashing her about finding those fragments. She said it was a budget issue. Her boss just laughed 'Budget? Never heard of the word! Let me just call the Gila department.' 'Sir, that is too much. I can't possibly ask that from you.' 'Non sense my dear, it is done. Now bring me those test results within 6 weeks.'

6 Weeks have past. She has broken privacy, set up illegal funds, released a dog on some sort of magician and even hired a bioroid. The tests have been done and she still doesn't even know what a fragment is. Apparently it has something to do with the bible? Or was it the underworld?

The twin wooded doors opened. A handsome male bioroid stepped out, his eyes looking at her, but not registering her. 'The board will see you now madam.'

At least Roy and Moss gave her the internet. She just hoped she wouldn't drop it....

Based on this deck. Added 3/2's to make more use of of Haas' extra click. Use Exec boot camp to find Haas and IT. Haas will help with loading up those IT counters and bring out 3/2's to help you get a head start. Self destruct goes with Haas to prevent the runner from trashing it.