Voodoo Doctor

Hongkong Koma 259

My latest design, went 4:2 so far and only lost to agenda floods.

It's a snake deck, with all those snake ICE very thematic and fun to play.

Winning is easy: Mushin No Shin a Project Junebug, go on and advance it to four or five tokens. The runner will know it's a trap.

Don't worry. That's ok.

Install your Shell Corporation there too. There is no safer spot for this money engine.

Try to score a Labyrinthine Servers and when the runner finally runs on one of your Bullfrogs, be a good boy, win the Psi Game and send him to that Mega-Junebug. If he wants to jack out, use a power counter from Labyrinthine Servers.

The runner won't run very often, because the Snake ICE is taxing him. Don't stick to your Mental Health Clinics too much, the runner will love to trash it. Money was never a problem in this deck, so maybe we might exchange them. How about Whirlpool to enable more Bullfrog-Kills?