The Average NEH: Worlds 2014

DrunkenGineer 846

7 of the 8 NEH decks that made the top 16 at Worlds have been posted somewhere on the internet (with the last holdout being a Scorched Earth build - which will probably mess up the influence spread), so I figured it might be worth averaging the posted decks together to see what made them tick. I simply copied down each card used by each NEH in the top 16, added the instances of the cards up, divided by the number of NEHs, and rounded. The result of that is what you see here.

Of the cards that made the cut, the least used were:

Every other card on the list had 4 or more people using it.

24 Feb 2015 sruman

Good data point to have. The only things that jump out for me are -- most NEH have trended towards smaller ice sets now (14 being common) as well as DBS being practically an auto-include.