Blue sun credit advantage

x3r0h0ur 8704

I've always hated when decks are designed to keep tons of cash, and cost runners tons of cash, but don't do anything with the credit disparity between you and the runner. You can lose the game with 80 credits.

This harkens back to another style of BWBI that uses heavy money generation to drive a cash gap between you and the runner, then uses it.

Oversight can be used on archer over CT to help you score out a priority req. The best part? IAA of a pri-req over an oversighted curtain wall both gives you the scoring window, and you can bounce the Curtain, get the cash, then rez it with the requisition, and even possibly bounce it AGAIN. Now, your next ash/corporate toubleshooter is that much stronger. Install a datapike or something instead of curtain wall, and use the bucks from curtain wall to boost the datapike beyond yog/boostable range (works with any ETR). Datapike is fantastic in this Identity, it forces the runner to go get a code gate breaker or risk losing 2 every single time, and its a healthy 4 cost bounce to help with hedge/restructure. Seriously, run datapike.

Ideally your remote is ETR ice -> breaker trasher with CT(ash optional) in it. Since BS lets you bounce big barriers, the old weakness against archer of faerie + dollars = access is less of an issue, since you can bounce the big barrier in the back for cash.

This also works great if the runner gets past your ice, you can boost your ash up high enough to allow for a double punitive if you have it in hand in time. It gives you a great little combo win option (with plascretes out you just dump them, no big deal).

You want to rush agendas because you can get to winning space in 2 scores. Low agenda density makes RnD pretty safe.

I'm sure there's room for improvement, I only did some very light testing with it...but I believe this is a solid improvement over the old BWBI version.

7 Nov 2014 moistloaf

yep Datapike good in BS. haven't seen the Corporate Troubleshooter route in BS yet, this looks interesting.

9 Nov 2014 Orbital Tangent

Looks good. Why exactly BLC, though, and not something like Adonis? The card draw seems nice, but it seems to me that Adonis could give better credit advantage and he can be recycled via the ID ability. Or Corporate Shuffle gives higher draw power. Is it just to combination of both that makes it worth the slot?

9 Nov 2014 x3r0h0ur

Thing is, after having played against it at worlds, the limit of bouncing one thing back to hand can be massively exploited. Operation econ is great to grow your wealth, and the card draw is fantastic to find your combo pieces, because let's face it, weyland is always a combo deck.

Corp shuffle gives draw but if you have your combo. You lose it.

9 Nov 2014 Orbital Tangent

Fair point. Why not GLC, then? It and then a click for a credit gives the same credits per click. Does the one extra card justify the inflexibility of two clicks and the extra 3 influence?

You could instead throw in x3 GLC, x1 Reclamation Order, and x1 Rototurret, allowing you to bounce back Troubleshooters and providing a varied strength program trash ICE vs Atman. Maybe cut x1 Grim and x1 Quandry? This is maybe a taste thing... I personally am not sure BLC is worth it out of faction.

Also seems you could maybe drop a Govn't Contracts and throw in a similar 2 pointer, like Corp War or Geothermal Fracking. I understand for a consistency standpoint it is nice to go x3 where possible, but I hate offering more points to the runner than I need to.