Guaranteed Magnum Opus turn one? Yes please. I can think of the following scenarios:

  1. Get Mopus in your opening draw. Installing click one and clicking Mopus 3x lets you end the turn at 6

  2. Draw a Scavenge in your opening hand. Click 1, use the ID ability to tutor Mopus, install for 4, click 2 Scavenge it to permanently install it, clicks 3 & 4 get paid and end the turn at 5

  3. Draw neither a Scavenge or Mopus in your opening hand. Use her ability to tutor an SMC and install Mopus. If you have to click for 2 then you can end turn 1 at 2, if you have a Dirty Laundry/Easy Mark or Sure Gamble to play click one, you can end turn 1 at 5 or 6, respectively. This works out the same if you draw an SMC in your opening hand.

Assuming a 45 card deck with 3 Mopus and 3 Scavenge, you have around a 50% chance of hitting either scenario 1 or 2, (I think, it's been a while since I calculated probability). If you have 6 econ events you can play turn 1, then you have a similar chance of avoiding the 2 outcome of scenario 3.

If you have 6 turn-one-playable econ events of any kind (Peace In Our Time and Sure Gamble?), 3 scavenge, and 1 Mopus, you have a >75% chance of not having the 2-credit outcome - there'd be 10 cards you can draw turn one that save you. (and even your worst outcome...) —
How about having Mopus and Scavenge in hand and Paperclip in deck? Tutor-Install Paperclip for 3, Scavenge Mopus for 1 —
@Sotek I'm really excited about the consistency with this ID. —
@Deo That's not a bad play either, you'd end the turn at 5 credits and have Paperclip ready to go in the heap. —
Unfortunately, the program is removed from play and does not go to the heap. I think chameleon and the bird breakers are better —
Silly me ignore my post —