As of right now, this is beyond unplayable. There aren't runner currents strong enough to warrant a counter, nor are there corp currents that absolutely NEED to stick around. With that said, NBN is rumored to get some nasty tools in their big box to make them THE current faction, and this card might not look so bad then. It'll be hard to find deckspace for something like this, but a 1x might find its place into a deck if the card pool allows it. 0 rez, 4 trash is an amazing ratio, and the ability is very restricting for the runner.

I can only see it as a 1-of in butchershops that desire Housekeeping / Targeted Marketing returns. Its influence makes it harder to justify even a 1-of in EBC / Tech Startup decks. —
This is going to be pretty synergistic once Data and Destiny comes out. There's an ID that plays currents from Archives. —
It's clear this card is there to improve the value of Diversified Portfolio, Tony! :D —
Assuming this stays alive this guarantees New Angeles Sol will have a current up permanently as soon as they draw it. —

I've been testing The Twins out in a RP Tax/Kill deck. It has flatlined several times, with manageable consistency. Komainu is a nice combo piece, but keep in mind that it costs 2 credits AND you have to trash a piece of ICE. That means it is only worth it if you have a unique reason to use it. Archer costs an agenda to rez, and Komainu will have a stupid amount of subroutines. Those are two great reasons to use this. I combo it with Midway Station Grid to make it nearly impossible to break Komainu.

Anyway, I really enjoy this card. Its low trash cost is fine, considering that you can just interns it back. Its also pretty cheap to rez, so that's a nice balance to ditching a piece of ICE. I haven't tried it in Foundry with Janus yet, but I'm sure that's equally as brutal.

Fun card, and very splash-able