Proud Parent -Reg Az


Hi all! I decided now to publish my ongoing creation. With the new ban list (especially bans of Bellona and Tributary) make this more viable.

The Name: I feel the name is fitting because Az is an offspring of a classic character. However, it is more of a reflection of growth in me as a player and as a person. This is the first time I have spent months refining and reiterating a single idea. My ADD in the past has always seen me fly from one thing to another. Seeing examples such as my metamate @Santa refine their Big Deal Outfit last year was an inspiration. Also, I am NOT a crim player, so this process was a struggle for me, unlearning bad habits, and getting better at the game. (Can't rely on broken Anarch cards). Finally though, the biggest thing for me was learning how to love the game again. I have two small children so the amount I get to play anymore is very minimal. I have been sad at not being able to brew decks, or spend as much time with the wonderful Seattle community (the best in the world). I have learned to cherish the time more and give back to the community in giving advice and hosting tournaments. This has brought me new joy!

The Deck: Sorry for being sappy, let's get to it! This is NOT an engine deck, My inspiration was "reg crim" decks from teh last year, such as Rotom's Sable's and Whiteblade's Zayha deck. The reason to play Az is similar to Sable, getting extra clicks and value. The core of the deck is the Masterwork + Boomering combination. You can make a run, install boomerang with masterwork giving a card draw and then repeat again. Players have become frusterated with me asking if i have 7 boomerang in the decks or have any real breakers.

How to Play: I think of this deck working best as a check list (because this is how my brain works). You will do better if your turns are planned out and you try to smartly achieve as many things as you can do on the list.

Example: -Masterwork - did the draw fire this turn. -Twinning - did you do something to charge this? (Prepaid, Cezve, bones, paladin) - Prepaid - did you play an event? -Cezve - is it worth running a central to use the credits (NOTE: you can use Cezve credits to use the run ability of Masterwork and install ability of Bahia bands! -Prog Q Loop - did you run to make this fire this turn

You do have to read your matchup and think in advance how you want to win. For example there may be matchups where building up and drawing is smarter than just using a boomerang as soon as you get it.

I would say more about the play but as a parent write up time is limited, but glad to take any feedback and answer any questions! Also additional shoutout to @FireRL on giving great feedback on this deck, some for now and some for later versions.

Feel free to take this and reiterate how you see fit, I think this is a good starting point for a very fun reg crim deck and has different tools for different matchups. For example flip switch against Ag and Stavka nonsense, bones for assets, etc.

Future iteratons: More draw could be another place to add, you are pretty reliant on class act and masterwork for your draw (maybe finding a way for Nuka? cheaper with Az!). Also, there have been suggestions for Window of Opportunity, but seemed redundant to me? Enjoy!

17 May 2024 Santa

Sweet list! Looks very fun! Trib ban def gonna help Crim :)

Apricate everything you do for the community!

17 May 2024 SMITTYL

Thanks @Santa! All your outfit write ups are a work of art! And seeing you grinddddd