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The Worm Part Two

is still up to his old tricks! While the deck only went 1-3 in Vancouver, I still think it was well positioned and absolutely the correct choice for me.

  • 1 of those losses was 5 to 7 in probably one of the best games I've had in years
  • The other two losses had 14/16 accesses for 3 and 4 points respectively.
  • Still love Crim, it is definitely Netrunner on hard mode, and I'll still keep playing it for the foreseeable future.

Falsified Identity

419 has switched to Ken. The 419 minus credits aren't nearly as impactful in this corp meta, along with Ken just being better (cooler). This is an ode to Whiteblade's excellent "Rongydoge Cured my Depression", which can be found here: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/404ba0c0-9188-4638-909d-24778584f384/rongydoge-cured-my-depression

You are playing Crim for Bravado, Inside Job, Miss Bones, Class Act, and now Trick Shot. Holy cow this is the best (coolest) card in the set! NSG nailed it with this card and I hope they continue to make cards that consist of this much Ethanol.

General Cards Notes

  • You'll immediately notice that Mutual Favor is gone. I didn't need it in testing nor on the day. I won't be foolish enough to say it wouldn't nor couldn't help in the future and I'll keep testing with one in new versions.

  • No more Katorga (what does that card do?)! While my love for that card will never go to on a permanent trip to the grocery store, it is out for now. You will also notice Labor Rights going into the slot. That gets me back two programs for the inevitable Stavka, which Katorga couldn't handle.

  • S-Dobrado is your closer / break in-case of glass card. You can charge Twinning on the way, breaking ice is for dorks, and likely skipping a 3rd ice via Curupira is almost certainly enough for most final showdowns.

  • Miss Bones is too damn good to pass up on and was relevant in many of my games. Do not go lower than one or else you'll get the "I told you so / about Noise bro" and/or "I'm not mad, but I'm dissapointed". P.U that stinks.

  • Cezve and PPVP are the right mix of cards so you aren't locked into mono run squad to get Twinning charges. It also just helps on your "lay off the gas" turns that WB mentions in his writeup.

  • Entangler is sick and you need to pay attention to the rezzed ice to know where to put it. Sometimes you just womp womp anyways and that's okay.

  • Draw is good. Do not lower the draw. I repeat, do not lower the draw (that doesn't mean not to replace the draw though)!

  • Bahia Bands put me in some weird spots to be honest. I am feeling uncertain about that card. Obviously it has the utility and is a run event, but I feel it leads to early feel bad turns, which are paramount for me not to play in Netrunner. That's a personal thing.

Future Love Sounds

Here's the list that I would play if I had to go back to Vancouver this week aka when I go to Boston. There will inevitably be other changes along the way, but my general consensus it that it will rhyme with this https://netrunnerdb.com/en/deck/view/54f3cdac-4227-47b1-93a8-3920dbcad7cc

CTZGOTO_BOSTON is a go and I hope you go too.

26 Mar 2024 rongydoge

nanpc boston

26 Mar 2024 Dave976

Love this. Ain't no write up like a ctz deck write up.

2 Jun 2024 franc

ashen epilogue?