Studies in Shapoc [Headcount: 1-0]

DonLoverGate 194

While mulling it over with my testing group and failing to falsify a certain hypothesis in Cambridge (Asa still good when hated on), I decided that Titan and ASA were the decks to beat. I figured that while a significant part of the meta would be on Jinteki glacier (Palana or the correct ID AgInfusion), my own experiences with playing A LOT of teki glacier would help me in that matchup. And while Geist is good, and helped me win in Cambridge, I did not like the spooky boi’s penchant to not draw Tech Traders – a skill I never quite picked up it seems.

Instead, I opted for Shapoc Hayley as a last minute switch. It is a fun list that is surprisingly potent in hands of players with decent but not great Hayley skill. After all, what is more bullshit than Hayley? Hayley with Apocalypse of course.

Small changes include:

Nanot’k to Ika – a good change, given that important sentries are Tour Guide, Anansi and perhaps Surveyor. Ika breaks all of these for cheaper.

Beth (x1) to Pelangi – not sure about this one. Evidently two Beths are redundant, but in hindsight having another one after blowing up the board isn’t bad, and her extra click is excellent to land an Apoc. Therefore, probably wrong.

In regards to the Head count: My greatest joy in competitive Netrunner is facing the best of the best, and sometimes snagging a win from those we fear the most to face. Whether this be defending Vienna’s title against Peter’s Hungarian assault, Mad Dashing Finn’s Cakemari 3 pointer to win before he can Boom! me next turn, or sweeping Asger in swiss because he doesn’t expect Apoc in Liza or Punitive in Palana. Beating the best is my aspiration.

So I made it my goal going into the tournament to defeat as many NWE members as I could. Evidently the power level fluctuates, but I am still happy to have defeated lostgeek’s Palana by correctly calling the Snare! (somehow) and winning the guessright NA game. It seems only right that Ollie would avenge his friend by winning our 2-4-1 and kicking me out of the running. Huge props to lostgeek for making the cut through a swoop boop.

Do not feel safe, NWE members. Lest the Tempest blow away your board.

Finally, big thanks to the organizers, the Netrunner community, and last but certainly not least, my group members: Bridgeman, Rustryder and Giles Davis. May we jam it out to some awesome tunes soon. Until then, I leave you with this meme, which can be applied to all three of them.

A heavy burden

8 Nov 2020 gilesdavis



A violent windstorm, especially one with rain, hail, or snow. A violent commotion, disturbance, or tumult.


To affect by or as by a tempest; disturb violently.

May no NWE member sleep soundly while the Tempest lurks.

Maybe had I listened and been more receptive to this 'Shapoc' blasphemy I wouldn't have bombed as hard as I did, alas I remain pure with an abysmal result to go along with it (I reserve the right to place all blame on both my corp and the Almighty RNGesus).