He's Just Ken (3rd@AMT)

Chicken Slayer 373

published by AlwaysBeRunning.net

He's just Ken.

You could be playing real runners like Barbieshiko or Barbisanna or even Barbiselle. You could be playing a better colour, like GreenPink or Classic Pink. You could be playing less honest decks that play some weird World Tree shell game, play Stop Hitting Yourself with constant derezes of your Ice and pull tools out of thin are or trash Corp cards for free, every turn, forever.


Instead you can play Ken. Who may not have any of those things but instead has the best capacity to play classic, honest, criminal netrunner.

Not too much crazy here. The deck is basically just gas and Crim tricks. Use your combination of random Crim tools to slow down the game as you set up your engine to make Fat Stacks. Do you want 8 credits, plus a Twinning and Takobi Counter off of a Dirty Laundry? Well now you can.

Takobi once operational gives you the long game that criminal decks typically lack. All of a sudden your random Bravado or Security Testing runs that you're making through use are giving you power counters that can be stockpiled. Curupira as a barrier breaker at STR1 is pretty honest but a little sad. At 4 it is much, much better. We're running unity because I hate Gatekeeper and Tributary and also paying to boost the strength of Buzzsaw, but it is an alienative

Try to also be a good player and only draw Ashen Epilogue when you're using The Class Act, so you can put it on the bottom of the deck. Try to also not have the Corp rez a Tributary with your random Bravado runs that your doing until you have your suite set up.

4 May 2024 Silent Arbiter

Awesome description.

6 May 2024 pestosquish

Wonderful description. scratch geometry dash

25 May 2024 Zoehope

This is exactly the kind of thing I like to play and do. Thanks for sharing! Takobi is a fun idea!

I have been brewin' a simple happy Ken that current startup legal.