A Thousand Týrs [Startup]

SuperStranger 358

What does every corp want?

Scoring windows, strong ice, and nasty surprises for the runner. Well, look what NEXT Activation Command (a.k.a. The best card in the Startup format) brings to the table! With Spinny and PD, pick that bad boy up again and again, and let Tyr strike fear into the runner's heart.

The Plan

Late game, this deck is almost unstoppable, but early game is time to scrounge for creds and pray the runner doesn't snipe a Project Vacheron off RD. Naked install Marilyn Campaign and Tranquility Home Grid early on to pressure runner into trashing them, getting you time to set up. You need credits at all cost. Beef up your Home Grid remote with Ganked!, Manegarm Skunkworks, and Letheia Nisei to get money efficiently – the runner will either trash them, buying you more time, or your remote will become even tougher in the late game. Stick an Eli 1.0 and/or Ravana 1.0 over the remote and jam out your Regolith Mining Licenses immediately, because...

As long as you have money, your agendas are safe behind Tyr, the crown jewel of HQ. You need to milk Regolith ASAP to float on at least 15+ credits so you can threaten that Tyr rez at all times. Runners will almost never try to get through it. If they do, keep a Ganked! or two in hand to make their day a lot worse. It is fully possible, through Ganked, Konjin, and surprise Ravana rezzes, to flatline the runner with Tyr's brain damage subs.

ICE Suite

  • Tyr – Beautiful. Perfect. The most stunning facecheck in Startup. Pairs beautifully with Ravana. Forfeit all mortal possessions to Tyr. Goes over HQ always, and immediately. If the runner steals Send a Message, that's 10 credits worth of gas. And then the game is really heating up.
  • Ansel – Goes on R&D. Once Tyr is over HQ, they'll try to hit here and multiaccess. Make them pay for it and wipe their board with the many copies of Ganked! hidden away in your deck. You are recurring them with Spinny, right?
  • Eli – Great early game alongside Ravana. Those two will do all the heavy lifting until you can get Tyr on board to do some damage.
  • Konjin – A surprise rez can force the runner to encounter Tyr when they're on their back foot. No subs mean no breaking it with a cautious Botulus or Boomerang. Konjin gives the runner a very important message; you are never safe.
  • Magnet – Because Botulus is mean.


Late game, NEXT Activation Command is busted. Slam Activation Command down when you want to score a 3/2 agenda – which is now behind two or three 6-7 strength, unclickable bioroids. If the runner goes broke getting through, that's a big scoring window for you. Recur NEXT Command with PD every time, creating an aggressive pseudo astrotrain of death that amps up your ice to incontestable levels. Late game, when your hand has two Vacherons in it, hide one in your Home Grid upgraded remote server. Next turn, advance, advance, NEXT Command for safety. If the runner gets through, great! They're broke. IAA your second (or third?) Vacheron. If they don't take the bait, just AAA and pick your NEXT command back up from archives.

This deck is vulnerable to Tāo, who will unseat Tyr from HQ and stick him somewhere unconvenient. This deck also hates derez strategies, though that archetype is thankfully not every common at the time this is being published. This deck runs a small amount of ICE, as only 2 of 3 copies of Tyr will actually be played, so don't be afraid to draw aggressively to find it.

2 Nov 2021 Rahrhino

Looks fun and nice write-up :)

2 Nov 2021 valerian32

Cool, I was thinking, what about reduce in 1 or 2 the spin doctors and use Sprint instead? Because I see that you need kind of the right tools in the right time and maybe Sprint can give you that. And maybe use the spare influence in, I dunno, a Trebuchet

3 Nov 2021 ShinChan

I've been playing a very similar deck for a while now, but with Architects of Tomorrow to "handle" the money issues. I love the PD twist to recur Next Activation Command.

7 Nov 2021 cadence

Tyr has has the unique ♦ marker though! I totally get that Konjin and Ravana can create a nice pseudo-Tyr, but 3 actual copies of Tyr? What do you do with the ones that you draw when you already have Tyr out?

8 Nov 2021 Ätsch

@cadence Multiples garantee you an early draw which seems to be the gameplan of this deck (ravana, ganked, konjin, letheia etc.). Could def go for 1 or 2 Hansei Review, especially with the Subliminal Messaging.