Rise and shine. Time to Deep Dive! (3rd @AMT - April 21st)

AlPi 584

2-2 in the tournament, both losses I stranded on 6 points and just couldn't get the win in time.

It's Hermes Tāo with an alarm clock!

Alarm clock is a super fun card that I strangely play in everything except in Crim. In shaper, we can use this as a Deep Dive enabler and random poke. It puts some pressure on the corp while you need to buy yourself some time to set up youre full doomrig. There is sadly a meta card right now that makes alarm clock a bit akward: Tributary

Because of Tributary, my beloved Unity feels super bad to play right now. I guess we have to hop on the buzzsaw train...

Here is my corp side of the tournament: Bombs and Guns Nuvem (3th @AMT - April 21st)