Kit Belgian Nats

Shiro1981 109

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24 Sep 2023 Cluster Fox

I really like this deck. Well done, mate!

24 Sep 2023 ayyyliens

it looks so stupid, yet its so genius

25 Sep 2023 Diogene

Kit win games! Love it!

Why Jarogniew Mercs instead of Mystic Maemi? Did you expect lots of Punitive Counterstrike decks?


25 Sep 2023 AlPi

This deck just preys on youre weak ice, very scary! Well played!

26 Sep 2023 theoneakaneo

Speedy setup, instant pressure, lots of econ and draw, late-game continued pressure, brilliantly simple. Wp!

27 Sep 2023 bedayaa

Your post is a work of art. I'm in awe of your skills. مستشفى) علاج الادمان

8 Oct 2023 Shiro1981

This deck is a tweak of another deck I found here, but it's exactly how I want to play Kit, so I went for it!

@Diogene yes, though it was a mistake in hindsight. The card causing me the most problems was Warroid Tracker :p