You've seen this one already / 2.7 recks on 9:21, 57th at Wo

awildturtok 57

The sound of jamming with PD

Very few new things to say about this list.

Mirilu and I didn't believe much in Ansel so we both cut them for a Drafter (it being about the same cost to break and usually the Ansel facecheck is just Drafter at home). She also dropped the Hagens for Ablative Barriers, i kept them after a consultation with girometics, to keep Sable/Ari in check, which it did accomplish in the one Ari game I played all weekend.

This list feels amazing to play, especially in a competetive setting where I look for reliable IDs and fast games to get rests between games. It went 5/3 on the weekend, and could've easily gone 6/2 if not for a mixup of my ice installs. It's a joy to play, and creates tight and interesting games.

I have to confess that I didn't appreciate the strength of Vitruvius before the weekend, but one double over-advanced Vitruvius later the first game of the day I immediately understood and honestly tried to hit as many Vitruvius as I could. Allowing me to go to low credit totals where it felt illegal to still score out a winning Ikawah.

The game against rongy on Mining Accident 419 was pure misery, but to be honest it was a) a joy to play against someone you have so much respect for and b) an immense learning experience watching my deck get strategically dismantled.

Thanks to all my opponents, you were great sports! Thanks to the Berlin crew who made the entire week so great.

And special thanks to @Virulentz who gave me a takeback to trash M.I.C. on click four instead of letting him Hush it. I would probably slot a second M.I.C. If I found the slots, it's just so damn good and versatile in my opinion.

17 Oct 2023 rongydoge

<3 was great to play and meet you! you are objectively correct about ansel