Kusanagi OTK (as seen on TV!)

Sokka 1322

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Played this on stream and had some pretty fun games! I explain the combo at 1:15:45 here: https://youtu.be/SljZnh8mbM0 and then begin a journey of games after that.

The combo is beautifully illustrated in the last game (although the Helheim was unnecessary in that case and I used it just to show the optimal window to do the full combo)

Enjoy :)

22 Jan 2022 Diogene

Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

24 Jan 2022 maninthemoon

That was the most fun I've had getting killed! XD WP Diogene

24 Jan 2022 SandWyrmBreou

whats to stop the runner from jacking out and not accessing ganked again

24 Jan 2022 Sokka

@SandWyrmBreouAfter you pass the last piece of ice during a run, the runner has a jack out window during which they may jack out. If they choose to continue then there is no more window to jack out after that. Then you rez Helheim and pump the strength of Drafter and use the Kusanagi counter. After that, just keep reinstalling the Ganked and they have to access it

24 Jan 2022 zmb

I actually managed to pull off the Project Kusanagi combo in my very first game with my Jinteki: Personal Evolution combo deck from way back in August :) netrunnerdb.com

29 Jan 2022 Alfree92

Very fun deck to play, just needs a few traps and it would be perfect!

29 Jan 2022 bosky

Just played against this, and Ganked! was brutal, especially when Drafter fired off and I had to unexpectly hit it again. My opponent overscored Project Kusanagi which made for some scary ice.

Not entirely convinced on Helheim Servers, especially 3x, as I think even a SINGE Urtica Cipher might instill enough fear to prevent runs.

29 Jan 2022 bosky

Oh maybe I misunderstood the intent. Interesting deck when played for the OTK.

29 Jan 2022 bosky

We were playing Casual, so Parasite / Trypano and supporting cards made preventing the combo a bit more manageable. Anyway cool idea, enough chatting from me haha

29 Jan 2022 Diogene

@Sokka I think you could exchange 2 Anansi and 1 NGO Front for Hasty Relocation. This would speed up the setup, while enabling the ID. Thanks for streaming this deck, is was a blast to watch.