Getting Away With It (1st NANPC Boston)

Whiteblade111 2828

This is just a slightly shifted version of the Reg Zahya deck I have been playing for the better part of a year now. There's nothing really exciting to say about the deck. I intended to play Hoshiko the night before the event, but tf34 beat the everloving shit out of me with PD so I panic swapped onto Zahya.

I really love Zahya, it's probably my favorite ID in Netrunner atm. For those looking for strategy, I'd still really recommend CTZ's "The Worm" writeup, which really tells you how to play runner and criminal more specifically. I won many of my games by reading body language, evaluating boardstates dynamically and identifying my outs in matchups. You may have watched the cut games and wondered if I was just being agressive and getting lucky, maybe, but I do believe that being aggressive and forcing pressure is the only way this deck can win certain matchups (Thule)

I cut the two career fairs for two miss bones. It's probably right, I didn't love the change on the day. If you find a better slot for draw than Earthrise lmk, I hate Earthrise in this deck but you need draw.

It was really lovely to get the opportunity to play in a large NANPC event. Helping organize these events is a lot of work, but playing in them is worth it. Being in a room full of people I love and who love me is a very validating experience. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

More so than playing the tournament, I was thrilled to see my friends. Hanging out with Rongydoge, tf34, Analyzechris and others really made the weekend special. I spent my days playing Netrunner, and my evenings smoking weed and talking about life. Can't beat that.

Thank you to everyone who attended NANPC Boston, I'm quite excited to see what happens next at OTG and beyond!

A special thanks to the following:

Toby and Renai: Thank you for letting me stay at your house. You were incredibly kind hosts, and it was great to chat with you about Netrunner and life. I hope to see you soon in Vancouver.

Ian and Emily: It was so nice to meet your family. Your children are wonderful, and I hope to see them again soon.

Chris and Robin: Thank you for letting me drop in to New York State. I love the area, and it was great getting to cook dinner for yall and hang out in the area. Come to the west coast!

Jeff, Jonas, Max and Dee: It was lovely to see all of you. I really enjoy being in a testing group with yall. You push me to think about the game at a higher level and support me in my Netrunner endevours. It was a real treat to play both Jonas and Dee in the swiss. I consider both of them some of the strongest players in North America, it was a pleasure to play them.

Cado, Andrej and Eric: Thank you all for so much help with the stream setup. It was one of the most professional stream setups I had seen in years, and giving up a weekend and traveling to Norton was an incredible sacrifice. Thank you so much for your hard work.

NotAgain and Jeff: You both did such an awesome job running the event, organizing and judging. It would not have happened with without your hard work.

I'll see you all at Cascadia and at future NANPC events. Hopefully I keep playing Zahya, and get more opportunities to keep getting away with it.

29 May 2024 Gyro88


29 May 2024 Utati

Is zenit Chip worth considering as a draw option? It and verbal plasticity are the only inf free draw options that might be better for this deck than earthrise.

29 May 2024 cranked


29 May 2024 rongydoge

the freedom trail

29 May 2024 holzpubbnsubbe

@Whiteblade111 how about this?

-2 Earthrise

-1 Poemu

-1 Twinning

+1 Meeting of Minds

+3 Diesel

29 May 2024 Shishu

play jailbreak, it's a good card and stacks with twinning.

29 May 2024 thebigunit3000

Classic mistake, suggesting you were unhappy with a slot in your decklist

30 May 2024 Cliquil

Just wanted to say this is a great writeup

30 May 2024 maninthemoon

Congrats on the win. Thanks for helping make all the NANPC events happen <3

30 May 2024 RayS

Here's the link to the CTZ writeup mentioned above :)

1 Jun 2024 Sanjay

I assume the massive uptick of Pravdivost in the meta is to combat this?

6 Jun 2024 BizTheDad

This deck is pretty solid. After 20+ games with it, I'm at a 67% win rate. Thanks for sharing.