SanSan Metal (Berlin & Friends)

5N00P1 665

What is the Salvaged Vanadis Armory Meta like? I thought about going fast with SanSan City Grid and as you need money I decided for Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home and smaller agendas.
Audacity for the final agenda, with or without SanSan and with SanSan you opponent needs to Clot immediatly. SanSan + Project Vitruvius is kind of a nonbo especially with Jeeves Model Bioroids. I put him in for value / trash targets for my opponent.

Tried out Violet Level Clearance instead of Red Level Clearance and I'm still not sure about it. At least Red Level Clearance can't be trashed. The deck still feels poor, maybe -1 Game Changer

Played this at the Berlin & Friends Event, it was going 2 - 2, but I'm not having enough games to give a final statement.