Modified Notorious Daily Quester (Chicago Regionals 2014)

kranse 2385

This deck worked pretty well, the central assault definitely caught a few people off guard. I didn't make too many changes to Flashfires original list, just a couple minor tweaks like a third Same Old Thing and an emergency Femme. One change I will be making is dropping the S&W entirely and going back up to 3 Sure Gambles.

11 May 2014 bot2563

Very original and interesting deck.

11 May 2014 dtelad11

Thanks for posting! Interesting deck list. It looks like a powerhouse versus Red Coats and similar glacier builds, and against CIFA. How is your match-up against TWiY* FA, wombo combo Weyland, and Supermodernism?

Econ question, what if you can't get MO early on? (Only two in deck, and other source of econ is 3x Sure Gamble and 3x AS.) Stirling's breaker suite is efficient for Crim but getting through some stuff (like Rainbow, Wall of Static, or advanced Ice Wall) is still expensive.

11 May 2014 krystman

Experimening with Shilouette myself. This looks a bit low on econ to be able to run THAT often, especially if the Corp plays something like HB big ice. Also you can't seem to be able to handle the full breaker suite, Femme AND Magnum Opus.

How did you place on the Regionals with it? What were your observations with it?

11 May 2014 Narziss

@krystman this was the regionals winning runner deck that he used; I think Femme is only used in certain situations, but with Doppelgänger, the deck has enough for 3 centrals only breakers plus MO

I'm also surprised with how little econ this deck is running, especially with no way to tutor the MO, but I guess what matters is how much econ the runner has relative to the corp. I'd imagine the corp has trouble maintaining a decent economy when being pulverized by a stream of Account Siphons and Emergency Shutdowns, both recurred by Same Old Thing, in Silhouette's slim 40 card minimum.

11 May 2014 dtelad11

I'd imagine the corp has trouble maintaining a decent economy when being pulverized by a stream of Account Siphons and Emergency Shutdowns, both recurred by Same Old Thing ...

That is a valid point. However, I tend to believe that other decks (such as Ser Gabe) deliver that punishment much more ruthlessly. Also note that the Corp saves money by never having to rez more than one ice on the remote, and possibly not icing Archives (due to no Desperado/DS).

11 May 2014 kranse

40 cards is few enough that the MO comes pretty early, and when rigged up the deck plays a lot like big rig shaper but with more events. Femme replaces alias if necessary, but I only ever installed it once.

11 May 2014 nyxnyxnyx

I would try to fit in +1 Blackmail, +1 Inside Job somehow. Switching to Gabe and scrapping 2 MOs for 3 Datasuckers also seems to make sense since you will be hammering centrals all day. How useful was Silhoutte's ability for you? I'd also probably cut Feint and take Desperado over Doppelganger. +1 Kati Jones for sure too, since you are almost never sad to see the first copy.

11 May 2014 nyxnyxnyx

Oh I just realized Doppelganger is used to make Notoriety and Quest Completed work, forget my Desperado suggestion then!

11 May 2014 nyxnyxnyx

And also how Silhoutte's ability helps you to Quest Completed...doh!

11 May 2014 nyxnyxnyx

And also how Silhoutte's ability helps you to Quest Completed...doh!

11 May 2014 wedgeex

So you'd want him to change it to standard Gabe then? lol - I think he did just fine winning an 87 man regional with this build. Magnum Opus is incredible right now.

11 May 2014 HepatitvsJ

Magnum Opus was always incredible. It's easier to use now for non shapers but don't pretend folks weren't using MO to make opponents cry until now. ;) As for the winner, I'd love to know how he dealt with psychic field? Using sil's ability and exposing it would drain your hand if you lose the creds battle. Notoriety and QC gone. Did you have to face it often?

11 May 2014 kranse

Never saw a single psychic field. I don't even think I played another Jinteki. I never really worried about losing cards anyways - as long as the rig is intact I can just fish for points from R&D or HQ.

11 May 2014 x3r0h0ur

Opus fills a very very different role from datasucker, and honestly it's days are numbered out of anarch. Opus has always been fantastic and I think its getting better.

11 May 2014 aswan89

I brought an Iain Stirling deck that had a very similar build but radically different philosophy, yours being very aggressive while mine was to hang back and build up big turns. I did quite poorly at the regional so I think we know which strategy works better! I am curious if you thought about finding room for Early Bird, since with Doppelganger on the table you can hit 2 servers without spending a click.

11 May 2014 dtelad11

Thanks kranse! I hope to meet you in Worlds this year :)

11 May 2014 Nushura

Congrats on your win. You did not have any trouble with Jinteki trying to deck you? I would rather change a Quality Time for a Levy AR. One single copy (and the 3 SOT) is quite of a safety. Then remove a notoriety for influence?

11 May 2014 KingOfOdonata

Very cool deck. Looking forward to giving this a spin.

12 May 2014 Ber

So many synergies in this deck. I love it! Not at all surprised that you won with such a clever deck :)

12 May 2014 Flashfires

Congrats on the win! Glad to see one of my lists has made the limelight. :) I was THIS close to being able to come to Chicago, so that would've been an amusing experience to see my Silhouette deck there. Congrats again!

12 May 2014 vagoswear

I dont see how you can handle playing against jinteki. Succesful runs without accessing, right? Otherwise it would be too risky to run 3 times during a turn and probably very costly. Especially against J:RP - expensive to break ice, taxing upgrades. Is your economy really enough?

12 May 2014 mplain

I too wonder at the absence of Early Bird oO

12 May 2014 kranse

Jinteki RP is pretty much a blank ID against Silhouette & Doppleganger since I'm always going to run HQ for the expose before running a remote anyways.

Anyone concerned about economy clearly doesn't understand the power of taking 8 credits a turn supplemented by account siphon.

I like early bird in theory, but found myself never using it in practice.

12 May 2014 Flashfires

Opus Econ is more than enough usually, I did end up adding a Security Testing to the deck in later iterations to block painful archives accesses when triggering QC or Noto as well as generate a couple extra bucks if I had nothing else to do with the Doppel run.

12 May 2014 vagoswear


sure thing I am aware of the fact, that RP's ID become blank. what bothers me is like how you deal with rezzed sundews? Or just simply you know that RP generally ice up their central servers heavily and it's very taxing. What is more accessing a snare or other source of net damage could slow you down in running other servers which is unlucky.

I am aware of the fact too that Magnum Opus is awesome - I have been running Chaos Theory Heavy Suite deck with Siphons & Magnum & breakers on Dino, so I know you can become rich. But enough to deal with 3 heavy iced centrals in one turn?

Anyway I will just have to try it out by myself. My thoughts dont ofc undermine your great decks (Flashfires and yours kranse). Im just asking HOW, because your results are the best proof.

13 May 2014 Tallim

I've been playing something very similar recently. Caprice on HQ absolutely wrecked me at game point, aided by a Guard as the outside ICE on HQ. Was costing me 9 to get into HQ and then a crapshoot to even gain access ....which I never did and so couldn't switch on the final Notoriety I needed to win :(

As a second note Security Testing consistently works fantastically in the deck.

13 May 2014 Flashfires

Honestly, the best way to beat Jinteki RP is to keep them off-balance and prevent setup of the mega death centrals and economy engine. This deck can do that fairly well as it comes together quite quickly and your ability really prevents you from hitting anything you didn't want to in remotes. If you can break their econ early and then siphon them the game just never really comes together for them. If you got caught in a late game spot with Caprice in a 10+ cred deep server and you have 5-6 AP you're probably better off attacking a different server or you may just have to get lucky on the PSI game to win.

13 May 2014 Tallim

Getting lucky on PSI game was literally the only way to win for me in that game. The Caprice came down turn before I could have won :( And I ran that server 4 times and failed due to the Psi game. I just needed to get through once.

Server was Guard->Snowflake->Pup and had been up since close to the start of the game. Surprisingly expensive server with the central only breakers.

Deck was running great until Caprice showed up :/

13 May 2014 tgtoland

This is going to sound dumb but with account siphon in this deck, are you floating tags or getting rid of them? I Ask because I was debating between adding 2 security testing or 2 dirty laundry and it kinda changes based on whether or not you're meant to float tags.

13 May 2014 AkAnderson

@tgtoland I think the idea is to float, mainly because you don't want to take the time to clear the tags. That's how I've been playing it, at least.

13 May 2014 jaypeedaylee

I like the deck, tried it out a couple times and failed a few won a few.

My big concern is doesn't running this deck with the included icebreakers make it painfully obvious for the corp how to set up their ICE defense?

Against the new Jinteki ICE or HB I didn't stand a chance once HQ and R&D had 2-3 levels of ICE. What's the trick to getting past that?

16 May 2014 tuism

What's the answer? Account Siphon XD

16 May 2014 BreadRising

You continue pressuring them. AS and Emergency Shutdown make sure the Corp is spending money. There's always Feint too if you really need to get through to trigger Quest or Notoriety.

17 May 2014 wswan

I ran the new central breakers in my Tenma deck and, while I had the luxury of more card slots and more influence, I found the addition of the interfaces to be really key to running just the centrals. I also had one crypsis in the mix just in case I really needed to run a remote. And while all of that probably won't fit into this deck, it is something to think about.

17 May 2014 lopert

I played this a few times and really enjoyed the style. My biggest issue was the lack of multi-acess on RnD. I found that once I cleaned out the agendas in HQ, running on RnD for 1 card at a time felt pretty inefficient. If ever you get unlucky and the agendas are in the bottom of the deck, no amount of siphon / e shutdown could prevent the corp for just slowly icing and taking credits, eventually locking you out.

19 May 2014 kranse

Once you've gotten to 5 points (via legwork or quest complete), just take 8, account siphon, and draw until you're able to play double notoriety.

19 May 2014 gravity

Even without having tested it, the amount of synergies in this list is remarkable. This deck is so sleek and elegant, props to the creator.

How did you fare against Weyland Modernism or Astrobiotics? Does it all come down to grabbing the breakers early enough for the Siphons to do the damage?

20 May 2014 Ratatosk

I just played on OCTGN against this deck and it failed hard. I won 8-1 (he scored one Notoriety) without the slightest problem. I play a Tennin Central Glacier Server, which seems to be more or less the worst matchup against this deck. HQ was Grim+Inazuma+Ice Wall, R&D was Inazuma+Archer+PopUp-Window and Archives were Chum+PopUp+Shock!(x3).

Still a nice archetype though!

22 May 2014 Fry

Do you mulligan for Magnum Opus? If not, what does a good non-MO starting hand look like?

25 May 2014 ihmcallister

Where did you place with this deck?

25 May 2014 x3r0h0ur

He won the 87 man regional.

26 May 2014 ihmcallister

I'm playing something similar myself at the moment with more of a resource package using John Masanori and Security testing. I've played against a few jinteki with psychic field and it handles it fine.

27 May 2014 mabool

I replaced Hedge Funds with Easy Marks, as the latter help you play Magnum Opus, and not the former.

4 Mar 2015 FarCryFromHuman

What if you just shot Caprice instead of dealing with her directly?

14 Jul 2015 Koshea

Shooting her requires access to HQ first. So you play her on HQ again't criminal and they either pull out a sneak door or they just trash her once they beat the psi game going in the front door.

14 Aug 2015 dasher

Wow. I built a similar deck to this earlier this week without realising that this one had been posted. Glad to know that it got a lot of likes.