You gotta die for your government.. (4-1 Regionals Ulm)

xo_rocinante 38

..die for your country - that's shit!

Say hello to Kuwinda and her murdering crew of warroids who want to blow up the government and install a new one. An even nastier one.

But let us get to the facts:

This deck went surprisingly well at the regionals in Ulm.

I only lost against the tournament winning Liza and won four straight games against 2 x Smoke, 2 x Sunny - sadly my runner deck sucked so hard that I lost every single game with it. :D

Basically my plan was to troll my opponents by playing cards nobodys plays (Kuwinda K4H1U3, Warroid Tracker, Wetwork Refit) and I never expected to win a game. Well.. in the end my opponents had a pretty rough time to play around my constant threat of brain damage and three copies of Urban Renewal.

It's rather important to play a Breaker Bay Grid early. In my only loss it happened that every single copy of it got trashed and I couldn't afford to rez my upgrades anymore and my Architect never got the chance to retrieve it.

Kill Switch did a lot of work in the early game when you basically want the runner to access or steal an agenda (ideally SSL Endorsement to get the money) to reduce his hand limit to 3 and make the Renewals much more threatening.

It's not impossible to win by points (1 of my 4 wins) due to the single copy of Jeeves Model Bioroids but not that easy because there are only 5/3 agendas in this deck and your ICE is pretty easy to break in the mid game.

Wetwork Refit is just maximum trolling. Never had the chance to use it.. so maybe you can switch it for another Jeeves or maybe some economy card like IPO to boost your traces with Kuwinda more easily.

Executive Functioning would be another candidate for rotating out of this deck. Maybe another Rototurret for program trashing after face checks in the early game will do the trick.

The rest was pretty good and well fitting for the purpose of this deck.

All in all I had a really fun time and was totally surprised how well it worked and I'm really happy how many wonderful people I've met at the regionals - this is even more important than winning.

This community is the best! ❤

30 Jul 2018 adquen

Why no Fairchild 3.0? You have no restricted card so far, and it can deal Brain Damage!

30 Jul 2018 xo_rocinante

Yeah.. I considered it. I didn't include it at first because it seemed to be too expensive. And I didn't have the chance to test the deck beforehand to realise that it can be included without any problems. As I've stated in the description I would remove the Executive Functioning and maybe replace it with another Rototurret or - like you said - with a Fairchild 3.0. Good idea - thank you!

31 Jul 2018 .wil

Absolutely superb deck name!