Bankhar Steve (Without Bankhar)

rohit 85

All I want to do in life is play 5 copies of Emergency Shutdown. Any deck that lets me do that is my jam.

This started as Bankhar Steve, then slowly morphed over time and tournaments. I wanted extra copies of Hermes and WAKE Implant and the third Revolver, so I cut Dirty Laundries -- I felt rich enough without them. Then assets were everywhere so I put 2x Bones in, cutting a Saci and (regrettably) the Boomerang. Then eventually I learned that the most common way I was losing my games was not being able to find breakers for 2x ICE on HQ in the early game, so I took inspiration from koga's sick ACC list and cut the Bankhars altogether for Zer0, which is absolutely amazing since it dumps stuff into the bin for Steve and draws you stupid numbers of cards. With Zer0 I kind of want the Laundries back, but idk what to cut (Pan-Weave is never leaving the deck).

Definitely room for improvement but it feels pretty good for the most part.

18 Jun 2024 CelestialSpark

You had me at the first sentence tbh. Steve will forever be the "run HQ to summon Emergency Shutdown into your hand" ID to me.

18 Jun 2024 koga

You love to see it

18 Jun 2024 lisawindy907

Your topic Emergency Shutdown is excellent @io games