🥈🙌 Silver hands (2/23 Melbourne Startup CO)

lukevanryn 282

chalk text reading "Disarm, Defund, Dismantle"

I barely have time to play Netrunner let alone build decks. But when I saw Cupellation I was in love. Yoinking expensive assets and upgrades from play, and defences from hand, and turning that into more accesses and money, feels very good indeed.

(I was also in love with Amelia Earhart but she has so far Not Been Good to Me. Maybe it's just not the right time for us.)

At this event I cupped:

  • Two Punitive Counterstrikes from a corp that wanted to kill me. You best believe I held those until the end of the game!

  • Ice from corps that wanted ice

  • Operation econ from corps that wanted money.

The deck went 4-1-1 on the day, beating a Nuvem SA, a PD, an a Teia, and a BTL, tying with a BTL, and succumbing in the final to a BTL. I was certainly glad for the abundant money against the Weyland decks, but in future would look at a different breaker suite. I also had some Sick Rips that I could not rely on again.

It was awesome to see the Melbourne scene in such good shape. 23 players turned out and filled the store with good vibes. Thanks to everyone who turned out and to Temple Arden for hosting!

10 Apr 2024 Davidmc7

Well done Luke!

11 Apr 2024 awildturtok

You can go 1x Shibby, 1x Unity and not be sad about it. Shibby for 1c and a click is nice, but it's bad late. One of the libbys or commissions could be swapped for it.