Will I be able to rez Tyr?

Rhahi 134

Decklist used in the 2023 Danish national championship

Source and variations

This is a decklist derived from Bridgeman's PD list, with some changes.

  1. I thought it might be better to swap out Hagen and put Jaguarundi, so that the deck has "some" ways to generate tags, which already runs Greasing the Palm that can utilize floating tags.
  2. Another change is cutting 1 tranq grid, 1 YDL, and then putting 2 predictive planogram. I don't expect it to fire with tags, but it is an operation that draws 3 cards, which is what I might need to draw tranq grid, agendas, or ice (or just 3 creds). At least that was the idea.
  3. I changed 1 Ansel and put 1 Tyr, because I was worried that in matches where I don't see agendas early on, having a Tyr on my back would be great.
    • This lost me a game once (drawing it in turn 1, and runner had bankhar turn 1, so I did not dare to rez it.)
    • And sort of helped me win a game once, since runner was on Aumakua and had to chisel charm Hagen on R&D before running the scoring server (so they could not devil charm Tyr to break it).

So, the answer to the deck title would be "eh, maybe", but when you do, you get to fire Tyr's scary subroutines!


Result: 3 wins, 2 losses.

  • Lost against Loup, I was not able to defend centrals early game, and most HQ runs were hit. Had Tyr turn 1, so that went poorly.
  • Win against Hoshiko(s). The runner could have come into the scoring server if they kept devil charm to help breaking Tyr, but thankfully they ran R&D first, where I had Hagen installed. They were forced to use chisel charm, and had no chance at going through Tyr skunk void.
  • Win, early gear check against Arissana gave me 4 points and a Vitrivius counter. Closing the game with a bluff of Mavirus on a scoring server to bait out a run, which made the opponent lose all money, and the next turn I installed Ikawah to be scored with double seamless the following turn.
  • Lost against Hoshiko, I was hoping that R&D would hold out while I was scoring Offworld in the remote, but it was mostly agendas on top. I had a Predictive Planogram in hand, so if I used it to draw to find ICE (which would have given me 2-3 agendas) I might have been able to stabilize: I did not utilize the tool I put into the deck well.