Spyware v2.XOB32

Snake Eyes 4620


Biggest changes in this version to the previous one is I'm using less Faust, Apocalypse, and Endless Hunger. Rumor Mill has been added to counter Jackson shuffles off of Spy Camera hits and to grab any agendas ditched in Archives. Really helps against defensive upgrades too. "Freedom Through Equality" can grab an extra point from cam hits too. Paricia is a nice free to install 1 inf program to help with the economy of asset trashing. Since it's so cheap it's a nice Chop Bot 3000 target when you want to free up MU to lay down another Reaver or whatever. This version is undefeated in the competitive lobby of Jinteki.net so far, although I'll attribute some of that to people not expecting me to have edited the list to include Rumor Mill.

See prior versions to learn the tricks of this deck.

I'll also plug my Twitch channel here where I pilot this deck sometimes: https://www.twitch.tv/sn4k33yes (I'm new at live-streaming so there are some growing pains on my channel)

11 Jan 2017 x3r0h0ur

I think the biggest move for apex players...ditch the hunger.

We'll call it, Diet Apex

12 Jan 2017 Snake Eyes

If it weren't for Blue Sun's Curtain Walls (or post Apoc glory) I'd drop the last Hunger in a Heartbeat.

13 Jan 2017 Saan

There was actually a game I played against someone running a very similar Apex deck where they needed to install Hunger on the final turn to win. I'd made them run through my scoring server as Weyland enough times that they were near broke, and put the winning agenda down. They made as much money as they could and ran, but didn't make it. After the game he told me he had the Hunger in hand.

My scoring server was an Ice Wall (installed to make him have to install Paperclip finally for 5 credits to install and break), Archer, Shadow, and triple advanced Mausolus. If he moneys up clicks one and two, and drops Hunger, trashing basically all his rig, he would have been able to get in. Break Ice Wall for free, break Archer for free, letting me trash Hunger. Let Shadow fire, then install Black Orchestra and break Mausolus for 9 total.

Sometimes just being able to get in is good enough.

25 Jan 2017 rezwits

I like the idea of this deck, but I just don't see how you make money? I am working on something, and started with 1.0 and am looking at your 2.0, but I just don't see the cash??? 2-3 Wasteland installed? with a Chop Bot?

25 Jan 2017 Snake Eyes

Cards are your currency. You shouldn't be paying in credits to break much. If assets get out of hand you apocalypse them all. If they're manageable Patricia can do work.

19 Feb 2017 mathandlove

This deck won the Broomfield, CO store championship with 21 players. Thanks for the inspiration! Out of 6 games my only 2 losses were to CI and Blue Sun!

19 Feb 2017 Snake Eyes

Congrats @mathandlove ! Thanks for reporting in with your success, hearing this win at a 21 person tournament makes me happy. :)

23 Feb 2017 PaxCecilia

What do you think about Mad Dash vs. Freedom Through Equality in this deck? I like that it costs less, but I'm worried about losing a Current and that you only get 1 shot.

23 Feb 2017 Snake Eyes

That is 200% happening. As in I am slotting two in once I saw that card appear. It seems amazing for Keyhole or Spy Camera decks. I don't know what to take out tho on top of "Freedom Through Equality" to get down to 45 cards min deck size.

23 Feb 2017 nungunz

Loving this so far! Any other cards that you'd pull and sub in?