Just touch 7 points (Monach of Swiss at Fly to EMEA 2)

Testrunning 1200

I tell you, just win

So you might think that you need ways to deal with ice efficiently or be able to contain the assets to win a game of Netrunner. But if you look in the Comprehensive Rules you will find none of that. It only states in 1.7.2.a.:

Either player can win by collecting agenda points in their score area (usually done by scoring or stealing agendas; see section 1.17). A player with a score of 7 or more wins the game.

So we just cut everything that does not help us achieve that and only try to access enough cards to win. EZ.

So is this Deck actually good?

Maybe? Probably? Just hope you don't face (Jinteki) Glacier. Or slot some cute Capybara if you are afraid of Spiders (this deck has currently literally no way of dealing with it).

So is this Deck fun?



Crim Supremacy

Undeniable Proof that (despite what people will try to tell you) Crim is the best Faction and Mercury the best Criminal.

29 Apr 2024 Council


Up is down and Down is up

30 Apr 2024 kimmorgan

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6 May 2024 Tyranda

long live Mercury <3