A Final Implication (4-1 8th @ All-NSG-Format async)

Loki37 125

I took inspiration from This Deck

The first version had

1x Regolith Mining License which became Marilyn Campaign

1x Snare! which became Trick of Light

1x Mitosis which became an other Akhet

2x Artificial Cryptocrash which became Remastered Edition

This deck was huge fun to play and I have take it to IRL events. At no point have I played Mitosis or even been in a position with it in hand that I wanted to play it or wished I had it...there always seems to be a better line of play. I think the best thing about this card both online and IRL is the double, triple retake when your opponent sees the card in R&D or HQ and develops a very quizzical look(IRL) and there is a significant pause before their next action (Online & IRL) as they try and figure out what on earth you might be about to do with that card, they should be reassured so was I, I really wanted it to work as well as it did in my head...so given the inspiration of the deck this probably should be a Snare!