Chickie Drake 113

I've been playing this original deck fairly successfully now for a while, and thought I would share it. I haven't seen anything similar elsewhere.

What cards are OP for runner? Account siphon and Apocalypse. 3 of each please!!!

Don't waste time installing stuff. Just draw and run. Destroyers? We install no programs, except for the occasional Overmind. Tags? Who cares. There are no resources that stick around.

Apoc early and often. Do not clear tags. Count the "lol"s from your opponents.

It is pretty easy to get locked out of servers if the Apoc doesn't go off early, so HB glacier sucks and NEXT sucks as well. Inside Job is your best friend, so don't waste it.

A VERY typical once per game turn is Inside Job R&D, Feint, run archives, Apoc. By the time they figure out the play, it's too late.

Also, for bonus points, force them to put Crisium Grid on HQ, then use Feint as a cheap access technique, as Crisium negates the second part of Feint, but you still get to bypass 2 ice.

Sorry to Jinteki.net folks for all the Apocalypse fun while I have been testing this bad girl. It's not tier 1, but it is fun (and hard) to play.

5 Aug 2016 Chickie Drake

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that decking your opponent is a legit alternate win condition. With no scoring server because of Apoc, those Investment Seminars are a pain in the ass and Jackson has to work very hard. With Levy, I've managed to hold 6 seminars in one game, + Eden Shard.

5 Aug 2016 umbralAeronaut

This is pretty messed up, I love it.

5 Aug 2016 RubbishyUsername

I think a singleton CBI Raid would work wonders for you. It lets you apocalypse through Scorched Earth protection because they can't draw up the kill cards and tag you.

6 Aug 2016 Boogie

You could also run data leak reversal over worse and paper tripping, make the mill a real threat.feint all. It guarantees it, and it gives you an alternate win condition, both in mill and a rucksack archives run.

6 Aug 2016 Chickie Drake

@RubbishyUsername That's a great idea. Scorch is always a problem.

6 Aug 2016 Chickie Drake

@Boogie I tried to make DLR work, but without support cards like Fall Guy and Wireless Net Pavilion, the corp can just trash it. Best case is run, install, mill mill.

7 Aug 2016 CybrCyphr

Glad you finally posted this. It's such a fun and original build.

7 Aug 2016 Chickie Drake

@HipsterWannabe Hard to play though. The best thing is playing against horizontal decks. Unless Hostile Takeover. That's a huge pain for Apoc.
The other thing you get to do is blast through ice that doesn't etr. Having 1 link is actually very good. I tried rebirth, but I kept missing the link. Face check like crazy and force them to Rez everything before you wipe it out. When you have no cards installed there is a lot of ice that doesn't matter. With all the card draw in the deck you can absorb damage fairly well.