Cold Ones - (US Nationals 1st Place, Undefeated)

JuneCuervo 2592

You can watch me go over the deck and card choices with Code Marvelous on his channel here

All credit goes to the entire SF team of players preparing for Nationals. We as a collective went through dozens of iterations of this deck, settling on a solid 43 cards with some flexibility. I valued speed over all else, which is reflected in this build. The 1x Game Day is my "crappy quality time" - you can store you hand on bookmark, then Gameday to draw 5 cards.

I played against Sol, NEH, Sync, ID, ID, ID, Sync, ETF, Sync to win US Nationals with a record of 6-0 with this runner deck. Boom decks with Quantum Predictive Model have a near 0 percent chance to score out within the 9 turn window it takes for this deck to win the game, and NACH prevents their BOOM! plan.

The general structure of games for this deck is:

-Early Econ in Casts/Gamble/Proco -Install Bookmark ASAP -Draw entire Deck, installing Hyperdrivers, Leprechaun, and Faust along the way. -While drawing entire deck, bookmark combo pieces.


-Out of the Ashes to gain clicks on the combo turn (often the most critical and click-compressed turn) -Take Hyper Drivers -Play Rumor Mill to shut off important upgrades (as necessary) -Use Faust and the million cards on bookmark to run all 3 centrals -Play Exploit to Derez any rezzed Architects -Play Apocalypse -install Akshara Sareen (gaining the click back for installing it) -Play Encore 3x Times -Play 1x Notoriety (so you only need to steal three 2 pointers to win, rather than 4) -Install Equivocation

At this point, you have 19-25 clicks of R&D runs with Equivocation to win (depending on how many hate cards you had to play), which should be more than enough. Akshara Sareen gives each Encore turn +1 click, (15 clicks) and each Out of the Ashes gives you +1 click. You generally have spare clicks on the "big" combo turn, so each spare click is another R&D run.

Random Notes:

If you choose Laguna over proco, you are in essence choosing to play Armitage codebusting. The extra econ from proco is very good in this deck. It is also very hard to afford Quality Time in a Laguna deck, since Sure Gamble and Casts are your only econ.

This deck is extremely bad against many, many, MANY android: netrunner cards. I played this deck making a meta call that BOOM! decks, Moons, and ETF Glacier would be 100% of my opponents. I was correct, and thus won every game.

Cards you lose to:

Best Defense, Komainu, Anything that does net damage really, Salem's Hospitality, Hatchet Job, San San City Grid and 3/2 agendas, Biotic Labor spam, Crisium Grid.

Truthfully, lots of stuff "soft wins" against you (triple advanced hortum, though you can dean a chameleon to get through) This is an extremely fragile deck against strong players who understand your fundamental gameplan. Fortunately, many of my opponents did not. I can't really recommend this deck for these reasons, but I chose to play a combo runner and take a large gamble on a metagame read, which paid off.

If anyone has questions about the deck, I'll do my best to reply here! You can find me on the stimhack slack channel @joseki


5 Jun 2017 Noroo :D

Really cool deck! Congratulation!

5 Jun 2017 moistloaf

this deck is beautiful. Grats on your win

5 Jun 2017 MikeJS

Fascinating deck! Congrats on the win :)

5 Jun 2017 rotage

Nice list and congrats on the win. I had been playing something similar but was too concerned with Crisium Grids. Great call on Exploit I had never considered that before

5 Jun 2017 TrungusWungus

Hey Joseki! Congrats on the win, I was screaming at the screen at the grand finals man! Awesome deck, my question is that why did you choose to play sareen over beth or in that case, why not both? Since Beth may give you money or an extra card aside from the obvious click benefit.

5 Jun 2017 donmakaron

Have you considered Hayley as an ID for such build? It seems that it might save some clicks on installations. Of course Ayla speeds things up too, but in different way.

5 Jun 2017 Scoogsy

Fantastic to see a shaper deck do so well at such a competitive level. Congrats on the wombo combo.

5 Jun 2017 scd

Exploit! Akshara Sareen! Game Day! OotA! Joseki is a hero.

5 Jun 2017 scd

Why ProCo? After Regionals, I figured you were sold on Latina Velasco.

5 Jun 2017 scd

Ugh autocorrect sorry! LAGUNA.

5 Jun 2017 Ulkrond

Good job. You played the meta.

5 Jun 2017 spags

'I can't really recommend this deck.'

Love it. Nice job, man.

5 Jun 2017 Mechanoise

You found a purpose for Akahara Sareen, that has my vote! While not a fan of large combo decks I admire the humility of the deck's many weaknesses, and admire more that your meta call played off. Although I won't be playing this myself, good job, well done on your win with such an interesting deck!

5 Jun 2017 neuropantser

Can't wait to crack this one open with the boys. Congrats on the win! 10/10 would be baffled by on stream again.

5 Jun 2017 ctz

I usually don't like playing combo decks but this is a gr8 one. Cracking cold ones baybee!

5 Jun 2017 notminebydesign

What were your looking to host on NVRAM?

5 Jun 2017 grogboxer

This is a super cool design! I loved seeing this in action.

5 Jun 2017 hi_impact


5 Jun 2017 podoboyz99

Next deck name better be "with the boys" Congrats dude

5 Jun 2017 blacklionchest

Congrats man. This is just the right flavour of nutso.

6 Jun 2017 ANRguybrush

Absolutly ridiculous. I like it.

6 Jun 2017 TugtetguT


6 Jun 2017 JuneCuervo

@TrungusWungusWe found the strongest strategy against this deck is rushing extremely fast. As such, it is rare the corp actually has the credit pool to make beth a worthwhile investment unless you get her installed on exactly the first turn. As everyone on the team gained a better collective understanding of what beats this deck and what lines of play are strong vs us, Beth diminished in value game after game until she was eventually cut. Additionally, Beth only gives you bonus clicks after you apoc and only if they have 15 or more credits. If you install Beth on turn 1, shes gunna get blown up by the apocalypse. =)

@donmakaronHayley was considered for a long time. The main thing that is important about this deck is that you need Bookmark and econ as soon as possible in every game. If turn 4-5 rolls up and you still don't have a bookmark, its pretty likely you'll just lose. In addition to this, you will need to draw basically every card in your deck every single game. Apoc/Equiv/Encore are cards you can't tutor for before your combo turn, so you just have to naturally draw them all. As such, having a small deck size (which BIOS offers to you in the form of removing cards from your deck in the form of NVRAM) dramatically accelerates both your clock and consistency.

6 Jun 2017 JuneCuervo

@notminebydesignIn general NVRAM will vary from matchup to matchup. As a general guideline:

1) Bookmark 2) Sure Gamble 3) Professional Contacts 4) Daily Casts 5) Astrolabe/NACH/Tech Card/etc

It is good to be able to identify which cards are relevant in a given game. For example, I will often put NACH or Dean Lister on my NVRAM to "remove them from the game" so I have less bad draws in my deck. It is always better to draw a combo piece during the game than click it off your NVRAM, because clicking to draw through your deck is a more efficient path to drawing all your combo pieces regardless.

7 Jun 2017 vesper

If decklists were literature, this is a poem. Whoa.

7 Jun 2017 LynxMegaCorp

@vesperthis would be an epic.

7 Jun 2017 DockEllis

Just my favorite player casually killing the field with a couple combo decks, one of which was thought to be extinct. CONGRATS JOHN. Be seeing you soon.

8 Jun 2017 bluebird503

@DockEllis I'm rused so much rn.

10 Jun 2017 rojazu

@rotage would be proud of this creation

10 Jun 2017 nychuus

I like this deck. Having played against a lot of this archetype I already knew what to do agaist it (hmm... Bookmark, lemme guess: Leprechaun, Hyperdriver-Hyperdiver).

I think a real hard meta call for this deck is necessary.

12 Jun 2017 pinkj

Brilliant build! Believe in ProCo!