Double Dive Sable - 8th @ ACC 2024

krysdreavus 481

After SBT decided to unban criminal I wanted to get back to playing the faction and started working on a few Zahya lists, but at some point tuno shared with the rest of QtM a Sable list made by CableCarnage, I changed a few slots, played a dozen games, it felt good so here it is!

Huge thanks to Kyra for convincing me on Cupellation, CableCarnage for the original list and tuno for testing!

7 Jun 2024 farare

It's a perfect game for those Infinite Craft who enjoy pushing their limits and achieving hard-earned victories. Just be prepared for the occasional moment of frustration as you strive for perfection.

10 Jun 2024 Zoehope

Like the look of this :)