[Startup RWR] ICE? What ICE? - Warsaw CO 1st place

toiry 70

In the ideal scenario you get rid of any meaningful ICE on HQ/archives/scoring server. In the less ideal scenario they still have some ICE you don't want to see, but then you make them rez/derez it until they get bored/poor and trash it. Or you get enough creds in the meantime to allow yourself some running with leech+regular breakers.

Plenty of annoying/pressuring toys, decent econ. Steve makes them all come back so you can sting them corps right from the start, but also play long game. I managed to stay afloat financially against all BtL I faced in the tournament, and also ICE denial made it difficult for them to score like a normal corp. So I think it ain't half bad.

14 Jul 2024 TakeTwoTags

Thanks for sharing this list! I started playing netrunner 7 weeks ago and this weekend went to my first event, a startup format tournament. I wasn’t feeling ready to write a competitive lists so I grabbed my lists off this site and took this as my runner. Only dropped 1 game with this (and went undefeated with my corps) so I was able to bag my first event win at my first event! Thanks for the sweet list, had a blast playing it!