Run D.M.C. (Wu Tube 13.05)

Baa Ram Wu 2019

D = Divide and Conquer

M = Mercury (and Mary)

C = Cupellation

See it on Wu Tube HERE

Basic premise is to divide and conquer, picking up a card from archives on the way in, seeing 3 cards from HQ with Cuppelation, and 3 Cards from R&D with Mercury + Mary.


At the end of the stream I played around with switching out the resource package for a Pre Paid package - and I've actually been enjoying it slightly more (especially as you are significantly less weak to Prototype decks)


-3 Career Fair, -3 Casts, -1 Earthrise

+3 Dirty Laundry, +1 Carpe Diem, +3 Pre Paid Voice pad

Additional note: Games won due to Chrysopoeian Skimming so far = 1

14 May 2024 napalm900

This is just super cool, thank goodness Mercury's ability is a "you may"!

14 May 2024 Baa Ram Wu

@napalm900 - for sure! I probably should have noted in the write up that if you’re playing on Jnet - always make sure you read the log during your D&C runs and refuse the Mercury trigger on HQ!

14 May 2024 PiroARat

Really like this idea, really fun looking. Any thoughts on Physarum Entangler as a 1 or 2 slot? Seems fun as a compliment to the Mayflys.

15 May 2024 Baa Ram Wu

Hey @PiroARat- you could defo try out Entangler in here - see how it feels - I mainly wanted Mayfly so I had a. Way of challenging the remote if needed - and it works pretty well for that.

I think a card I would be more tempted to try would be a copy or 2 of Malandragm - as if they ice archives you are very reliant on rolling an archives mark at the right time to capitalise!

16 May 2024 dallasflynn

The article gives a broad review without being too much for the reader @shell) shockers

18 May 2024 Council

Damon May Cry