InSebtion (3rd March AMT)

sebastiank 1643

I thought it would be cool to become actual best friends with my fave ID, so I got NSG to print me and make me a G-mod so DJ Fenris could introduce us for a Meeting of Minds. Along the way, we made many other friendos. 10/10 time would do again.

Criminals have several cards in-faction that synergize with Sebastiao: Hot Pursuit and Rogue to self-tag, Flip Switch and NFL to remove those tags, Thunder Art Gallery to profit off tag removal, and a very good and high-influence connection to install with Seb and keep the engine rolling.

Besides getting rich with Rogue Trading, here are some skateboard tricks the deck does when the engine is performing at peak efficiency:

  1. Install Manuel with Seb when you click Eru

  2. After threat 3, install Valentina with Seb when Hot Pursuit lands to remove a tag with the threat ability and install Docklands Pass with Thunder Art Gallery

  3. Hold up a Flip Switch or a No Free Lunch while you're tagged during a run on an iced server to install a breaker or boomerang with the Gallery after they rez their ice.

Slot Masterwork over Hermes if you want more skateboard tricks. The disruption is probably more important though.

Looking towards potential changes, the draw seemed pretty mediocre when I didn't get the class act. To fix this, I may play with the influence to get more Dr. Nukas. Fitting in a third Meeting of Minds also seems good, as it can help find DJ Fenris even quicker as well as tutor for the Class Act, a line I haven't tried yet. I'm also gonna try swapping the docklands for a cupellation, mainly for the legwork effect which can get recurred with Privileged Access (there are no programs we want to recur atm).


24 Mar 2024 HaverOfFun

What an awesome deck! Fully stunned me when the plan came together in our game! (+ sweet finish)

24 Mar 2024 Berzelius

Amazing! I was tinkering with a similar idea but I was struggling to find the right balance. Congratulations for the placement!

25 Mar 2024 asphyxia

My favorite deck on the day, Well done cooking this up!! Congrats on the CBI Invite c:

25 Mar 2024 Council

Eating my words on Meeting of Minds nigh unplayability. Incredibly cool deck, well done Seb!

25 Mar 2024 sebastiank


@BerzeliusStill lots of tinkering that can be done, not sure I found the right balance either

@CouncilI aspire to make all unplayable cards playable :D

18 Jun 2024 SHIEL

Nice to see I'm not the only person who had a similar idea! Though I was building in Mercury, which is probably objectively worse but hey that's what I was going for. Look forward to using this as inspiration for edits once I've playtested my version and seen what's wrong with it :p