Strasbourg Store Champ 1st place

sirprim 406

17 Feb 2014 PeekaySK

Dammit man, I wanted to try winning our Store Champs this weekend with Teh Prof... now I have to find some new ground to break :(

Maybe it's Monolith's time to shine? :D

17 Feb 2014 Peukon

Looks very good... I will try it out when I get better at playing :)

17 Feb 2014 JWHamner

I play a Pro Con version of the Professor, but I'm too much of a wimp to take him to a Store Championship. :) I'll have to try it with Personal Workshop again... I wasn't very good at Netrunner when I first experimented with it, and at the time it seemed too click intensive for a dude who is already super slow. I guess you can install your entire rig on one Stimhack though.

17 Feb 2014 scifor

Would you try to fit in keyhole if you have true color? Just curious :)

17 Feb 2014 lopert

Looks like a lot of fun to play!

17 Feb 2014 sirprim

Why be a "wimp"? My goal is to have fun. Do really have anything to lose when choosing the Professor for a tournament?

re Keyhole: yes, I'm immediately swapping Medium for Keyhole. The games Medium won me, would be over in half the time with Keyhole.

20 Feb 2014 Heartthrob

This deck totally fits the flavor of The Prof. Love it! Will be taking this one for a test drive.

20 Feb 2014 sirprim

@heartthrob: I'm honestly curious how you meant your flavor comment. Does this deck do something different flavorwise that other Prof decks don't?

24 Feb 2014 JWHamner

So is Magnum Opus your #1 target here or is there something else about the economy I'm not getting? I've only been able to get good results by running some of CyberSolutions Mem Chips and going for a turn 1 MO, but you don't seem to have enough memory to do that. Do you have any tips on how to pilot the deck effectively?

24 Feb 2014 voice_of_madness

and how do You deal with Grim? I always have a problem becous killing him with parasite take's time and ataman 5 is a bit expensive...

27 Feb 2014 sirprim

@JWHammer: I usually only use the Opus during the NBN matchup (the econ taxing versions), but I rarely get the Opus otherwise. In fact I often click for single credits, because I don't need that many. Hard to put into words.

27 Feb 2014 sirprim

@voiceofmadness: Crescentus is pretty god vs Grim, because the extra Bad Pub sets my Workshops on fire. Also Morning Star plus Tinkering is totally funny ;)

28 Feb 2014 Neon Samurai

Looks like a great deck, can't wait to try it out.

28 Feb 2014 JWHamner

Also Morning Star plus Tinkering is totally funny ;)

Mind = Blown

Might be taking out a couple of Dirty Laundry's for Tinkering in my own Professor deck!