The Manhattan Project v.1.1

elderbookwyrm 56

My current deck based off Frost-duty's excellent Government Takeover Deck. I have to say I love the deck. I came over to this deck being a die hard Keystone player. I've been playing Blue Sun: Powering the Future since I've started Netrunner. Mr. Frost sir, you have created a monster I love. I'll say it again, I love how the deck plays. As always, I stand on the shoulders of Giants.

Changes Made:

-1 Cerebral Overwriter, +1 Snare!. Snare! does such a wonderful job opening up kill windows. When they hit it they have to choose between drawing cards or clearing tags ... or both if they have enough . Twice I've had someone hit them on last , which is just game over against this deck.

-2 Bastion, -1 Fire Wall, +3 Mother Goddess. Mother Goddess can force some really interesting choices. At taxing it is just as good as Bastion at the same cost. But in concert with Blue Sun: Powering the Future's ability it can open up scoring windows or denying access to those without some kind of AI.

Changes I Am Testing:

-2 Shattered Remains. I have taken out these before, and it didn't seem to hurt the deck much. I am afraid of needing them and not having them though. However I have yet to have them go off in my limited 15 or so games of testing. It does open up the door for more ICE, or for Executive Boot Camp, to protect against Blackmail. Which could also pseudo gain you a credit for 0 clicks a turn.

-2 Datapike. I have attempted 1-1 replacements of these with other ICE. I haven't come to a real conclusion on this. Replace this with Enigma if you think that a will be more important than 2. I really like Enigma, but I haven't come to a conclusion myself. I have experimented a few games with replacing these with Builder, in an attempt to purely tax. The negative being that it doesn't end the run, but you would never place these not in front of an advancable piece of ICE. It forces the person into a situation where they pay 4 credits now to break or 2 credit every time they pass though the next piece of ICE. If you did this you would probably need to increase the number of early End the Run Ice. But Builder is cheap to rez, and retains its usefulness into the late game. And is amazing even early in front of a Hadrian's Wall. I would also increase the number of Fire Wall back to 3x to run builder. It also makes Ice Wall a very viable play as well.

-1 Taurus, +1 Code gate. I have experimented with increasing the count of Code Gate End the run to 3x Datapike or 3x Enigma. I've never need 2x Taurus, but am not sure it would end in a situation where I needed it and could not find it, didn't have it.

Those are my current thoughts/take on this wonderful deck. Any comments are welcome and appreciated.