Arctic Issuaq [Parhelion Startup]

SparkSign 44

First shot at this. So feedback always appreciated

Win Conditions

Score 7 - This is possible because of the glacier nature of the deck. Hopefully, between to power of Seamless Launch and the recursion from Hybrid Release, Spin Doctor, and Simulation Reset you are able to not worry about trashing any agendas.

Dr. Vientiane Keeling - You can rez this at the end of a runners turn to make them have to instantly discard down one card and then if it is well protected it will become a Jinteki version of Superdeep Borehole. Pair this with other damage like Urtica Cipher, Snare!, and Bladderwort and you will either win or at least disrupt the runner. This isn't a super strong win condition though because of all of the hand size increase on the Runner side.


There is a lot of economy in this deck to support having a lot of ice on the board. You want to protect centrals and create one strong remote that you can score off of. You can also use agendas like Hybrid Release to leave in your remote server in order to activate your ID ability.

You can also through down Urtica Cipher and double advance it, if they check it then you get the net damage and if they leave it then you can Trick of Light the counters so that you can fast advance an agenda. Trick of Light also doesn't count as advancing a card and will fire your ID ability.

Good luck, have fun.