Palisade 3[credit]

Ice: Barrier
Strength: 2
Influence: 0

While this ice is protecting a remote server, it gets +2 strength.

[subroutine] End the run.

Keep the neighbors honest.
Illustrated by Scott Uminga
Decklists with this card

System Gateway (sg)

#72 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Hey Wall of Static, you've changed! And for the best, actually. On a remote, Palisade allows you to quickly jam something early or to protect a good econ card like Nico Campaign or Regolith Mining License.

It however won't do as much to protect your centrals against early aggression and is a liability against Tao. All in all, it probably won't be in the next Championship winning decklist but it's a good, reliable barrier before the runner finds their Paperclip.

Edit: Yes, I did mean Paperclip. What the hell is Paper Tripping haha.

(System Update 2021 era)

Did you mean to say Paperclip, instead of Paper Tripping? Or is there some crazy tag combo here that I don't know about?

Palisade is one of my favorite new cards. It it just a really serviceable gearcheck ice that taxes reasonably well on the remote for its cost. Also, I think you meant Paperclip?

Yes I did mean Paperclip haha. Sorry about that.

palisade is ok, but there are better ice

It's borderline playable on remotes and one of the better neutral ices available. It's a 3-cost ice that'll cost most runners 3 to get through (on a remote). It's a total desperation move to use this on a central server. (3-cost for a 1-credit impact is terrible and you are feebly trying to buy time for any sort of real solution). Ice which can only be used in one role are usually not desirable. Some alternatives to consider:

  • Magnet. 3-cost, 3-credit impact, but can be used effectively on any server and it has a useful ability against hosted programs.
  • Hagen. 4-cost, 4-credits against a lone Paperclip and messes with early Rezekis and support programs. Excellent in formats where Paperclip is not allowed.
  • Authenticator, if you care about tags. 2-cost, 3-4 credit impact or a tag.
  • Gold Farmer (only in System Gateway, it's removed in Standard). Palisade is a barrier which on *some* servers can cause *as much as* 3 credits of damage. For the same cost, Gold Farmer almost always hits for 4+ credits on any server, and it is truly outlandish in GameNET. It also holds up much better against Boomerang/Botulus.
  • Karuna. Costs 4, usually causes a 3+ credit swing, and more flexible than Palisade in server placement. The early game facecheck value is useful also.
  • Whitespace has a larger impact early and can be played on any server.
  • Vanilla costs 0 and works better in the early gearcheck role, particularly in situations where you need so much speed budgeting $3 is hard and the game will be short enough that Palisade's value-over-time does not matter as much. Liability: Does not handle Aumakua matchup well.
  • Hydra!? Not comparable to a 3-cost ice, but a fun ETR. It costs 10 and usually has a 6-8 credit impact. However, if it hits on face-check, it only costs you $5 (though you still need $10 available to rez).
(System Update 2021 era)

Palisade is ok, but there are better ice :-)

(System Update 2021 era)

sorry with my review

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