Malapert Data Vault

♦ Malapert Data Vault 1[credit]

Trash: 4
Influence: 3

Whenever you score an agenda from the root of this server, you may search R&D for 1 non-agenda card and reveal it. (Shuffle R&D after searching it.) Add that card to HQ.

Sunlight does not touch the Crater of Eternal Darkness, a fitting abode for the Consortiumʼs malefic secrets.
Illustrated by Owen Sinodov
Decklists with this card

System Gateway (sg)

#66 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2021-10-11

    What does it mean to “score an agenda from this server”?

    This ability meets its trigger condition when the Corp scores an agenda that was in or in the root of the same server as Malapert Data Vault.


I used to think this card was pretty bad. Seemed like a lot of value lost just to draw you 3-5 cards on average over the course of the game.

The I realized that you can use it to tutor out tag punishment cards as you land a tag via a scored Orbital Superiority. If you had install-advance-advanced on the previous turn, you then have a chance to fire that tag punishment before passing the turn. It's now going to make its way into my rig shooter Weyland decks in Startup.

(The Automata Initiative era)