Roughneck Repair Squad

Roughneck Repair Squad 0[credit]

Asset: Industrial
Trash: 3
Influence: 1

[click][click][click]: Gain 6[credit]. You may remove 1 bad publicity.

“There’s something about the human touch that androids will never replace.”
—Mila Braun
Illustrated by Olie Boldador
Decklists with this card

Downfall (df)

#57 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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This is a strictly upgraded Melange Mining Corp. Coming at a rez cost of 0 compared to 1, it yields 6 credits instead of 7. This makes it an even gain on its first use after rez; additional uses will yield one less credit compared to Melange, if you can manage it. Each use will additionally allow the corp to remove 1 Bad Publicity, which has been a rare effect up to this point. To cap it all off it has a trash cost of 3, raised from 1.

(Downfall era)
Liked your review. But "strictly upgraded" is an exaggeration. —
It's "strictly" an upgrade~ish if you're in Weyland. If you're not in Weyland, it's a similar effect to Melange at 1 Inf a pop. If you're removing 1 Bad pub each time you fire this thing, then you probably don't care that the subsequent uses gain 1 less credit than Melange. The +2 trash cost is also welcome. If there's no bad pub to remove, or if you're not in Weyland, then there's still an argument to be made for Melange. —