The Shadow Net

♦ The Shadow Net 0[credit]

Resource: Virtual
Influence: 0

[click], forfeit an agenda: Play an event from your heap, ignoring all costs.

A despicable web of outcasts and infamy, no government or corporation could effectively shut it down. If only because so many of their sysops, executives, and covert agents made use of it.
Illustrated by Donald Crank
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Terminal Directive Cards (td)

#27 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2017-08-29

    UFAQ [Michael Boggs]

    Can the Runner use The Shadow Net to play a priority event?

    No. The first click would have been spent to use The Shadow Net instead of on playing the priority event.


So stuff this is good with:

    • High-Stakes Job probably not as strong as the other two, the biggest 'normal' event you can discount and situationally powerfull.
    • The Price of Freedom just play it from the heap with a fan site so that the Corp can't score until you can play...
    • Bribery to gaurantee that the corp can't rez the first peice of unrezzed ice (you could also try Running Interference). And if the ice is already rezzed...
    • Brute-Force-Hack will get it derezzed again for the measly price of one of your precious agandae.
    • Trade-In and Scavenge are the last two events with unconventional costs I could think of. Unfortunately you'll no longer get the discounts they would normally give.

If there are any other notable cards I'll add them to the list. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that Fisk Investment Seminar works, otherwise that might be a legitimate mill strategy.

(Terminal Directive Cards era)
The price of freedom cannot be used the way you describe it as it gets removed from the game instead of being trashed after it resolves. Bribery just has X = 0, so it gives nothing. —
Good point on Freedom, I'll edit the review. If X=0 for the other two, then that definitely makes me sad. —
The first event that comes to mind with this card is Apocalypse. You still have to get in to all the centrals, but recurring Apoc (with something like Fan Site) could be very powerful —
Yeah, I played against someone who used this with Apoc. It was a sweet deck. I made my own and (I think) improved on it. Also, Day Job is great with The Shadow Net. Turn your Fan Sites into 8 credits in one click. —
Actually you get 10 credits with it. —
Does the play restriction ("play only if you made a successful run ...") count as a cost? It's not phrased in the form of "as an additional cost" or something like that but as a limitation on play rather than a price to pay. —
"Play only if you made a succesful run ..." is not a cost. Card costs include the credit number in the top left of the card, plus any text that reads "as an additional cost". —