This card makes Valencia cry. Aside from that it has huge potential to actually make BP removal a thing. I think Weyland will like it the most because they can score hostile takeovers / geothermal fracking, Rez checkpoints, and then bait the runner into running followed by removing w/e amount of bad pub that you prepared to remove. It is also a great mushin target.

If you Mushin down an Expose, then you can't rez it until the start of your next turn. Also, when are you going to need to remove 3 BP all at once? —
Valencia will put 3 BP on you and wreck your face. She's horrible to play against without removal. It's a good niche card if Valencia is big in your meta. —
If you put it this way... Weyland has Witness Tampering, which is equally cost-effective - even better, counting install click. Though limited to 2 BP at once. —
I never said Mushin, all you have to do is IAA and you either cost the runner a click while removing two BP or they let it sit and you can use it w/e you need it. —
Emm...To quote your review: " It is also a great mushin target." ... —
You literally did recommend mushin. —

Ah, Jinteki Biotech : Life Imagined, the Identity that everyone knows is coming but no one knows how it will affect the meta game. Well I'm writing this review to shed some light on how the ID and its abillities work. First, this is really 3 IDs in one, however you can switch between them throughout tournament matches. This is INSANE!!!! It basically means you get the advantage of choosing your ID ability based on what gives you the best matchup vs. each individual runner.

The Brewery : This will be a very potent threat in Jinteki kill decks, 2 EMP on demand at any time is really great. I am not sure if every flip will give the affect or every other flip. If it is indeed every flip, then this ability will really pressure the runner to never end the turn with less than 3 cards in hand, which handicaps the runner a lot in my opinion.

The Tank : This is my least favorite ability, but it is still good and will be a great option to pick vs. any mill decks. I personally think it will destroy the existence of Competitive Noise Hivemind decks. It is also a neat way to protect agendas and get back Econ / "win more" cards, however this ability is still much more "lose less" than "win more".

The Greenhouse: This is by far my favorite ability. Just let it sink in, practically a Biotic labor on-demand, only the clicks can only be used for advancing. Oh and yeah, it saves you 4 creds each time you activate. So, some crazy things this ID lets you pull off : Biotic out a Nisei Mk II, the best 4/2 agenda in the game while saving you 4 creds, Play the shell game with snares, psychic fields, and 4/2 agendas, while being able to score them for free next turn, and perform wonderful combos with Thomas Haas, GRNDL Refinery, and Ronnin, which converts your ability into an Econ generating one or a damage dealing one.

So there you have it, a bunch to think about and theory deck on, I believe that this ID is going to be HUGE, gencon top 4 huge.

Umm once you flip the ID it becomes and can never be used again. That is to say, you can only use the ability of the ID you choose once per game. —
Ahhhh, ok, well it still doesn't change the greenhouse and Tank's usefulness since you really only need to use it once, but it doesn't do the brewery any favors. Thanks for the post. —
I feel people should really play a card before makeing a review. How can anyone review something they've never actually used let alone know all the little extra combinations to really give anyone advice on a card usefulness. —
For a lot of cards, especially ID's that are hard to evaluate i must agree. With simpler cards comparisons to similar cards are in order. Also who is to say we haven't played with the cards yet? I mean sure the physical cards no, but proxy testing is a thing —

The Board has a lot of incredible potential out of faction when paired with executive boot camp, especially in Industrial Genomics. With the plethora of 1 point agendas and the ability to make archives un-runnable with multiple Shi.kyu, Shock!, and Hokusai Grid, the runner won't be able to keep up with your plans without coughing up 17+ credits, and to make things worse you just installed a Caprice / Ash to protect it. The downside to running this sort of strategy is that it is incredibly difficult and impractical for the corp to win a 35 minute tournament match by scoring 1 pointers, so you must look for a flatline victory. This is very easy for Jinkeki and between un-trash able Ronnins and Neural EMP, once the board is in play and archives is un-runnable, it is only a matter of a few turns before you have an easy flatline win.1 The Board and 3 EBC are obviously essential for this strategy, but other good includes are reuse, daily business show, and anonymous tip. Remember your strategy isn't to score or to stop the runner from scoring, only to get the board up and un-trash able, followed by a flatline as quickly as possible, you can be sure the runner will catch on and begin only clicking for creds!

3 Executives and a Board use up 8 influence already, though, so you'd have to be careful about how you spend. —