I love this card - for 1 influence and 1, you can have some extremely versatile recurring credits available to you. Not only can you use them to pay for icebreakers, but you can get some non-icebreaking utility out of your money as well:

  • Pay for using Self-modifying Code
  • Pay to place power counters on an Atman when you install it
  • Pay to tutor out a Virus program with Djinn (and host the Multithreader on Djinn)
  • Pay to increase the strength Study Guide

Obviously, "only" 1 is a pretty big drawback when compared with its little brother Cyberfeeder, but there are some means of mitigating this drawback:

  • Shapers seem most naturally suited to using these as they have cheap Memory programs and have all the tools to reward them for finding/installing programs anyway: Leprechaun,Akamatsu Mem Chip, CyberSolutions Mem Chip. Additionally, programs like ZU.13 Key Master can help to reduce your memory constraint if you're running with an excess of .

  • Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist introduces breakers that have an effective 0 cost if used with 2 , leaving her with a ton of room for extraneous programs. With her console, you could have all 3 of these programs out plus your breakers and STILL get the drip from Data Folding.

Final note - I love referential art, and Multithreader depicts a virtual avatar of Adam: Compulsive Hacker utilizing four programs - Knight, Overmind, Self-modifying Code and Passport.

His four arms are also similar to Sage - another icebreaker that needs 2 credits to use. Sage also plays nicely with Adam's console: Brain Chip. —
More pay for using (non standard icebreaker) options: Net Shield, Surfer, Savoir-faire, LLDS Energy Regulator, Bug, Femme Fatale bypass, Darwin counter —

As of Data & Destiny, here is a list of all agendas that Media Blitz can take advantage of:

Of these, HB seems to have the most to be excited about with Mandatory Upgrades. With a Media Blitz, losing one of these can actually make a fast-advance strategy easier by providing you a tempo boost after a moment of weakness. The Fragments also work well with Media Blitz as the one-per-deck restriction can now be worked around even if you lose this agenda early. Restructured Datapool could also provide an interesting way for tagstorm decks to consistently tax the runner, though not being able to combo the datapool with Surveillance Sweep is a significant drawback of this combo.

This list is very useful, thanks!There is no combo with Surveillance Sweep, since the sweep only affects traces during a run. —
It couldn't combo with #Surveillance Sweep anyway, because that's a current too. —
this functions with the big executives too right? haas, the board, victoria and what's his name from jinteki count as agendas when stolen —
Medical Breakthrough is one of the most impactful agendas for Media Blitz, for you will need only 1 copy in Runner's score area. Your second MB is 2\2 agenda and your third MB is 1\2 agenda! —
Does anyone know what the interaction between Media Blitz and The Board is? —
Philotic Entanglement? Oh you scored Philotic Entanglement and like 3 other 1 point agendas? Well, looks like I will Media Blitz that and you are now dead. —
Now reading the reddit thread on this, maybe Philotic doesn't work with Media Blitz. —
What about Private Security Force? —
I also wonder if you could forfeit Media Blitz as a False Lead.. —
@Zybot That doesn't work; you don't score Media Blitz. —
@Caïssa The FAQ specifically cites Private Security Force as an example of when Media Blitz does not gain benefit ("If the Runner is tagged, *Private Security Force* gains 1 click: do one meat damage..."). Since Media Blitz is /not/ Private Security Force, it does not gain that ability. —

With the onset of a decent complement of cloud breakers, Battering Ram deserves new consideration for Shapers with two or more . Kate and Nasir can make great use of the ram in consort with GS Shrike M2, allowing the MU of one to offset the other.

In terms of out-of-context efficiency, Battering Ram has an advantage over current darling Corroder against Eli 1.0 and Hadrian's Wall, falls short to Corroder against Wraparound, Ice Wall, and Spiderweb, and ties Corroder against barriers with odd-numbered subroutines but a strength higher than two.

Battering Ram also keeps its strength for the remainder of the run, so stacking two barriers on a server becomes a logistical nightmare for the Corp. The common strategy of double Eli becomes relatively inexpensive with the ram.

Battering Ram's interaction with Nasir deserves exceptional consideration. Because there is a paid ability window after the corp rezzes ice but before Nasir loses all of his credits, he can pump the breaker's strength before losing money and THEN gain money from the encounter.

Fan Site is fuel for Frame Job (Which is a wonderful bit of flavor - e-tabloid conspiracy theory website, perhaps?) or for Data Dealer. Because it is worth no points and because there is currently no way to increase the value of agendas in your score area, it only behooves you to sacrifice the Site to one of these engines.

If you don't sell off your Fan Sites, some bad things can start happening. Philotic Entanglement deals extra damage and The Board can put your score in the negatives. Also, because this agenda can't be scored, it's not Turntable fodder either. So, let's talk about these uses.

Data Dealer: A 9/ swing is pretty astounding, but consider what has to go into it. You'll have to install the Fan Site, install the Data Dealer, and then use the Dealer. a 3 per-click efficiency is pretty great, but it also requires that you allow the Corp to score an agenda. For this reason, Iain Stirling: Retired Spook` is probably your ideal candidate - scramble to install all three Sites, let the Corp score an agenda and then drop the hammer on them with your piles of money.

Frame Job: For three influence, any Anarch now has access to 3 Bad Publicity. Compared to Investigative Journalism, Frame Job + Fan Site saves you two clicks, removing the difficulty with expending an entire turn to toss on another Bad Publicity and the requirement of having a Bad Pub to begin with. Itinerant Protesters and Fisk Investment Seminar allow you to seriously control the Corp's hand by forcing them to overdraw and limiting what they keep. Couple that with tried-and-true Anarch milling techniques (Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire, Keyhole, Data Leak Reversal) and you've got a seriously frustrating control deck.

Why wouldn't you be able to Turntable it? Once in your score area, it is an agenda worth 0 points. That's all you need for it to be targeted by Turntable. —
Doh. Because Turntable only works on agendas as you STEAL them. Poo. —
There is Liberated Chela nowadays though. —

Because simultaneous effects are resolved in the order of the active player's choosing, runners can host agendas on Film Critic before any "on access" or "when stolen" effects trigger. Film Critic completely disables NAPD Contract, TGTBT, Explode-a-palooza, Fetal AI, The Future Perfect, Haarpsichord Studios, Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed, and Jinteki: Personal Evolution. Because adding the hosted agenda does not count as stealing an agenda, it also gives a buff to New Angeles City Hall - making it nearly permanent - and throws a wrench into any Midseason Replacements decks.

A few notable cards synergize poorly with Film Critic - Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist will only be able to bounce cards when the Corp scores agendas, Kraken and Human First won't fire, and Corp currents will never be wiped from the board.

Film Critic is also a connection, making it vulnerable to Snatch and Grab and Contract Killer. If the Critic is trashed, the Agenda will end up in the Corp's archives - which may not be a bad thing.

Film Critic represents one of the most significant forced meta shifts in the game, on par with Plascrete Carapace and Clot. Easily splashable into any runner deck, the Critic is a total shutdown of the common Butchershop deck archetype, with Thousand Cuts Jinteki taking a hit as well.

Just want to point out that because its not unquie and low Influence it works really well for Iain Sterling allowing you to stay behind even tho you have the points on Film Critic —
I am so happy to see this card. As you pointed out, its the perfect counter to napd contract and ambush agendas; napd contract in particular being in almost every corp deck. The reason I love this card the most is because it counters Midseason Replacements. I hate, hate, hate that card and really felt it needed a serious nerf. Film critic will probably go in almost every one of my decks just to counter midseason; plus it's other benefits. —
In my opinion, the counter to Film Critic (other than tagging and trashing) is Corporate Town. Most of the decks that run agenda-stealing shenanegans run cheap agendas, perfect fodder for Corporate Town. It's the Cyberdex Virus Suite vs Film Critic, albeit costing 2 Weyland influence. —
FIlm Critic also has the advantage of allowing you to "have" agendas that do not count towards your score. In other words, Iain can reap large amounts of cash while still having his points within arm's reach. Just pray you're not two clicks short... —
I don't understand why it would counter TGTBT —
I don't see why it would counter TGTBT. Film Critic triggers on access, so it prevents "on stolen" reactions, but you still access the agenda. What am I understanding wrong ? —
@AshEnke Film Critic specifically says "the agenda is no longer being accessed", so basically it forcinly ends the access step, and any unresolved "when accessed" triggers are cancelled. —
As I mentioned in an earlier comment, I was super happy when this card was released because it effectively neutralizes Midseason Replacements. And indeed it does, it's great!p]k'hbt'o0=6gocz llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll —
My son did that. Continuing...This card though, seems way too powerful for it's low, low install and influence cost. It directly counters a ton of cards. TGTBT, Fetal AI, The Future Perfect, Quantum Predictive Model, Award Bait, Explode-a-Palooza, NAPD Contract, Midseason Replacements, PE, Argus, Punitive Counterstrike, Old Hollywood Grid, Strongbox, Red Herrings, and maybe more that I can't think of at the moment. —
Predictive Algorithim, Lakshmi Smartfabrics... —
Utopia Fragment, Haarpsicord —
This needs to be nerfed. Many really good strategies are being shelved because of this. —